Korsakow’s Palette (clouds, connectors and corridors).

As you work up, remake, bend, stretch, scratch, scrape, rework, manipulate, wend, tear, rip, cut, glue, paste, sketch, and otherwise think through the making in the doing of a Korsakow film it is worth thinking about what the terms of this making consist of. For example if I were filming something the terms of my making might include:

  • exposure
  • frame rate
  • composition and framing
  • movement (of camera, of subject, of lens via zooming)
  • exposure contrast
  • lighting
  • depth of field
  • focus

These are the formal things I can use to make with, my palette if you like.

In a Korsakow film, a part from the actual video clips (which would of course include the list above), when I am designing the work I have:

  • thumbnails
  • videos
  • sound
  • colour
  • background (colour, photos, sounds)
  • text
  • size
  • clouds
  • corridors

For each of these the other terms generally apply. For example for the thumbnails that are used for navigation I can think about if they have sound, text, colour. What size should they be? This is the formal language of stuff I have to work with, and their various combinations – keeping in mind I can have different interfaces in the one project.

In addition, via keywords, I have clouds, connectors, and corridors. Clouds are clusters of dense interconnection. Connectors are those nodes that bridge between two or more clouds. Corridors are passages that I want to insist upon, for instance (and most commonly) the opening screen of many a Korsakow project. Clouds I take from Mark Bernstein’s ‘cycles’ (in his “The Patterns of Hypertext”), connectors I think I just grabbed then since the alliteration was nice, corridors I remember from something Anja Rau wrote way back in the early days describing parts of Mark Amerkia’s Grammatron.