The Korsakow Workshop in Pics

Correction, My Bad

The email address to RSVP to Matt Soar's talks at RMIT , it is NOT what I originally posted. The email address to RSVP is

Workshop Source Media

it is generally about possible and loose connections between parts, Korsakow is not the software you use if you want clip 1

Korsakow Workshop

There will be notices on the doors indicating who to text/call to get in, if we don't see you. ...If you're not fr

Reminder, Matt Soar in Town

Concordia's Matt Soar arriving this weekend. ... Lots of interactive doco and design goodness .

Social Video? No, But Nice Sideways Step

One of the dilemmas that a genuinely social video system or platform has struggled with is how to deal with what I described t

Small Favourites

the bathtub in the middle of an old tennis court bitterness of not too hot coffee just after you feel you really want one

Some Writing

It was as I was opening the door to come inside that I realised what the next part of the writing needed to be. I didn't loo


Encamped with a small group of colleagues from the nonfictionLab, we have spent the first day presenting creative nonfiction w


Dummy, a photo by vogmae on Flickr. Lost. Alone. There.

New Documentary

Several Australian colleagues and I had a quick chat at Visible Evidence in Canberra last December (the site's already disappe

The Triumvirate

The second is facets, where the ability porousness of the parts to itself are trivialised into menus of choice, even where suc