Apparently we Don’t Get Grumpier as We Age

I am that person who tells children tales that sound impossible (remembering our family's first TV, telephone, colour televisi


March 3, 2009. Today's A

Becoming a Node

Friction free from me to them. ... Spreadable , in an app.

Small Favourites

my son playing with my youngest daughter (14 and 7) ... realising that what you’re writing will matter to someone els

Video, First Class Citizen?

I don’t get this, the whole claim that with HTML5 and the video tag now ‘within’ the specification that vide

The Wall

Vogmae could finish an art project to find ms "now I'm 7" nearly asleep on the couch worn out from a sleep over and trip to th

Peer Review, Nonfiction, Video

In addition, there are numerous, robust and accepted ways in which creative practice is validated and recognised, through exhi

Memory Machines

Melbourne based (Swinburne) academic Belinda Barnet's history of hypertext, " Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext "

Korsakow Interest Group

This is just a fancy way of saying that two or more of us will meet of an evening once a month to look at work in progress, ha

Small Favourites

seeing wedge tail eagles on the ridge over the way from the dining room window ... any of my daughter’s as they smile

Working Bushwalk

Promised kangaroos, which we delivered on (in Templestowe, can guarantee them there rather than out in the bush). Then it wa

The Korsakow Workshop in Words

(I suppose I should say that I don’t think that I do this, as I provide a lot of context around all the ideas I teach,