Just spent 20 minutes trying to find where it was that I saw the ability to ‘curate’ your own highlights in Kindle on my iPad. All those things you highlight and bookmark and even comment on, I was in some Kindle app and saw you could toggle these to only show highlights, starred ones, comments. No joy. Google? No joy. Then realised it wasn’t there that I’d seen it, but on my laptop. Wrong Kindle client. I hardly ever read Kindle things on the laptop, just an odd moment of blindness where the porousness of things got forgotten. Of course my Kindle books and highlights are on the phone, iPad, laptop – anywhere the app as as service is. And of course there’s some changes in what each one can do. Except, bugger, iPad now lets you have highlight colours, desktop app doesn’t recognise these. And I can’t filter for the ‘starred’ highlighted sections. Seriously labour saving moment, this.