Semester has started. Have built who new site for the interactive video subject Integrated Media One. Still have to build student blog roll (130 of them), subscribe via RSS, and get reading. Then for honours I’ve got another campuspress WPMU installation happening (am very happy with this, has made life much simpler) under our own domain, consiliencelab.org.au.

Teaching wise I’m running the research practice subject and the media objects lab. I think I’ll repost some stuff from there to here as that is where a lot of my thinking out loud via blogging is going to be happening for the next 12 weeks.

On a professional personal note I’m a bit embarrassed by the last post, but in the spirit of blogging and leaving it out there, I’ll leave it behind for what it is. Servility I think is the word. Time to get over it.

What I have worked out though is that it is time to be, well, more selfish. To say no to some meetings and tasks because I still have a high teaching load, a lot of admin as a program manager, and so just don’t and can’t do the research that I want to, can, could. I have friends who have been here as long as I have and they have no teaching. It is like I’ve stood still, doing all the same small things I did when I started as an eager newbie in the university, attending all those program meetings, retreats, active on local committees, teaching. I’ve realised you need a bit of mongrel in you. Or if not mongrel then that arrogance that all academics have (otherwise why would you think it OK to stand up in front of 130 students, conference attendees, journal readers in the belief that your ideas matter?) to be selfish enough to declare “this is mine”. My idea, my time, my class. So, yeah, carving out some of my own needs here.