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NonfictionLab is an interdisciplinary research centre for creative and critical practice that investigates approaches to nonfiction, its forms and its frames.

nonfictionLab engages creative fieldwork, critical perspectives and imaginative inquiry to produce knowledge in the politics, poetics and practices of nonfiction, focused in five intersecting zones of research: Documentary, Essay, Literary Journalism, Nonfiction Poetry, and Publishing, Curation, Archives.

nonfictionLab embraces the contestable and ambiguous nature of the concept of nonfiction as a positive point of intersection for developing and extending disciplinary frameworks and new interdisciplinary enquiries.

Based in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, nonfictionLab brings together critical practitioners in creative arts, design and humanities, and provides support for emerging researchers and a growing community of research students. The Lab fosters collaborative research projects in partnership with fellow scholars and artists, and with industries and communities, local and international.

I’m leading the documentary group.

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