Poly:be Press

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Will is a friend of mine. We’re fellow travellers when it comes to video, poetic making, experimental practice, and the all rest of it. He was out here for a bit last year and we hung out together for a while. Lunch in Castlemaine, wandering drive back home via Daylesford. Lots of ideas, questions, wonderings. Stayed at our place for a couple of nights and we went up the country and wandered in a bit of bush. Cooked up ideas that now sit somewhere on a back burner as he’s in Portland, I’m in Melbourne, families, jobs, and various reasons for other things and happenings for each of us just now.

While I was here I picked him up from his friend’s place in country Victoria He had shared a house with this person, in the States, years before, and through the magic small world network of the internet, had reconnected. From all this now comes Poly:be Press. Artist’s books, artisan press, new media. This is an exciting idea and venture. Something I can hopefully follow up on as it could well be just the thing for some of the experimental publishing work that the nonfictionLab is interested in.