• there is a man I regularly see. He is on nordic roller skis. Not inline skates but those short skis with large rubber wheels so you can double pole and stride on gravel. I first saw him from the bike path, I on gravel and he down, closer to the river on the dirt single track. He is fast. One day we were at the top of the steps by the Chandler Highway together. I asked him if he was Scandinavian, or perhaps Canadian? “Nah, but have sympathies”, was the reply. He skates from Watsonia to the city, a good 25 to 30 clicks I reckon. Serious.
  • riding through the lifting fog this morning, river becalmed bisected by a flocking flotilla of wood ducks.
  • a fishtail multicolour loom band bracelet gifted to me by my daughter

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