• it might be good to understand, particularly if you are a Rapha inspired gear freak, that cycling is working class all the way down. It is a sport that requires a deep work ethic, where this work is recognised (by your peers who, as fellow cyclists know how to read you on the road) and rewarded. You do not need a special coach, lessons at the lawn tennis club, or any other privilege to be good, and real cyclists don’t give a fuck that your jersey doesn’t match your knicks. That’s a private school elite confusing an old school tie with ability.
  • cycling is one of the most ethical sports in the world because when you ride in a bunch any error you make will certainly physically harm others. This harm is not intentional, as could be expected in contact sports, or deliberate, and its consequences can never be known in advance. This requires a proprioperceptive attention that is enforced with rigour by the peloton.
  • road cyclists think triathletes don’t know how to ride a bike, while mountain bikers and cyclocross racers think that road cyclists don’t know how to ride a bike. (Peter Sagan’s ‘tricks’ are what every elite mountain bike racer can do.) To wit, stage 5 of the 2014 Tour de France.

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