DRHA First Taste

Sunday morning, 9am kick off and I did a workshop on RDF and marking up literary works. Used the Brat Rapid Annotation Tool with the OntoMedia ontology. Now have a much better understanding of RDF and linked objects, and where, why, and how it might be used.

The conference is DRHA, and the acronymn spreads out to be the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts. I think it is what the earlier Digital Resources in the Humanities (DRH) might have become, but I’m not sure and if it was that then a lot of the people I’d expect to be here aren’t. So perhaps I’ve got the wrong end of the stick there?

We’re at the University of Greenwich. One of those places that photographs well with all its empire power enormity on the banks of the Thames below the Royal Observatory (from the workshop I could see the queue forming to get in up the hill), but inside it’s all a bit shabby really. (Turns out they have fantastic new facilities being built just near by for the department.)

Spent last night in an AirBnB booked apartment a nice 25 minute walk away. It too was on the river. The apartment’s owner lived there, and the socially anxious person I am, well that just doesn’t really work for me. I was jet lagged after the 24 hours flying and 3 hours on trains to get to Deptford, so got shown the place, my host went out, I showered, walked to a supermarket got some stuff to eat and then sat on the bed eating before crashing about 7pm London time. Woke and started doing stuff at 5:15 am, and since my host was asleep in the room next door, and being a good former working class boy where, really, you’re not to make a fuss, I tiptoed around my room – not even daring to go out to make a cup of tea – until fish when I showered, packed, and left. All without seeing my host. The electricity substation, humming away, 5 floor below wasn’t great either. The view, that was splendid.

Have wandered around Greenwich town centre (that might be supposed to have capitalisation), very picture postcard London. Greenwich market (had a great lamb and haloumi wrap), the Cutty Sark, pubs, and so on. Lots of languages, a lot of organic food. Sort of the opposite of the Deptford High Street I walked down yesterday. That was takeaway of various immigrant varieties, Greenwich is wool, not synthetic, organics not fish and chips. More later….