I’m still writing my paper for the Video Vortex symposium in Brussels this coming week. (Another trip where I will spending as much time in aeroplanes and airports as I will actually in Brussels.) I’m writing it as a hypertext in Tinderbox, and intend to publish one version of this as a hypertext (another will be as an interactive vog essay, and another will probably be as a flat paper). Still tossing up whether to present it in Tinderbox or Keynote – I’ll probably use Keynote since I can outline the argument and ideas much more clearly for presentation there. Anyway, I’ve written about 5000 words and I’ve got 18 nodes, 55 links, and so the structure is emerging as I write. But I’m now at the pointy end. It’s time to really start to nut out what I mean by crystalline structures and faceted video. I have it sort of sketched in my head, but right now it looms before me as a whole other essay on top off, or along side, of the current 5000 words. Which is why I’m writing about this particular knot here, rather than there.

These are good knots. This is where my writing moves from reporting or just joining the dots of my thinking out loud to be a thinking in the writing. A writing as a thinking as a making. We often forget, in those disciplines where writing is the medium, that writing is as much a doing as designing is a doing in design disciplines. You learn by doing it. You do it by doing it. Words are not instrumental or transparent things only or always just representational but are they very medium of our activity. Our marble, clay, notes. Time to not so much unravel the knot but to see where it can show me.

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