Ideas are of course things

I self identify to some extent on the ASD spectrum so that what Smiljana describes as Manning’s description of autistic experience is how I experience ideas in conversations. They are things as rich and vibrant and interconnected as the trees/fungi community that David talked about. As ideas they aren’t single things but multi faceted assemblages […]

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To Meer

I was reading a copy of Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter and misread the following as “the most difficult to conceive and write, because I stage a meering between the (meta)physics of vital materialism…”. “meering” is of course “meeting”. However, I think meering is a wonderful word and ought to be used. Wikipedia tells me Meering […]

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Very nice passage from The Age sports journalist Greg Baum on Jess Fox’s bronze medal paddle: Fox has the proven skill to deal with the hazards better than any other, and the personality to handle profile and pressure, too. But there is also an element more usual in winter sports: caprice. It introduces an almost […]

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Storyspace: Storyspace

Mark Bernstein has dusted off Storyspace for osX. We can now call this software venerable. Already got my copy: Storyspace – the pioneering hypertext environment – enters a new era with Storyspace 3. Storyspace is a tool for complex, interlinked narrative, both fiction and nonfiction. Twenty years ago, the original Storyspace ushered in the era […]

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MALware technical reports – media archaeology lab

From the Media Archeology Lab: MALware technical reports document events, research, teaching, and artist residencies taking place in and through the lab. Rather than white papers which are typically authoritative statements about solutions or policies, our technical reports are intended to be more processual – they can describe the progress or process of teaching, research or artistic […]

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