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Standing there, along the edge where shorter grass meets longer tangles, a white faced heron was poised. Statue still, waiting, hoping, seeking, maybe already seeing the tell-tale movement. This edge of short and long is where the lizards and small snakes would seek sun, with the first fall of shadow or sound giving them the sanctuary of thick entangled grass and weeds. The heron knows this. The heron knows too that the sun should be in front, so that as it paces this edge its shadow falls behind, not flighting the food. Behind, far and slow enough away for those that sought sanctuary to think that danger might have passed as they sought the sun, again, was the second one. Pacing the same line, the intelligence of their hunting remarkable.


The cafe seems to be full of women in athletic wear and retired couples nursing capuccino’s, discussing their recent or next holiday.

The anxiety of thinking that what I am writing in ‘the book’ is vacuous and not really grounded in ‘real’ theory is enormous. It feels like a game of bluff, with an uncomfortable tension between thinking you are a sham and on the other hand that because there have been some people (not many, admittedly) who find what I have done before interesting there will, somehow, be sufficient there.

I’m trying to argue that deliberate lo fi video compression is a way to introduce indeterminancy into video. More specifically that softvideo is a sort of digital living centre (in Bergson’s sense) and compression is a facet that comes to matter.