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  • reading Knausgaard (I have no idea how to pronounce that, I’ll have to remember to ask Christoffer) in the cafe surprising and detailed recent memories assert themselves.
  • the crema leaves a patina of brown milky lace across the inside surface of the glass.
  • white, blonde yellow bench under a black framed window. Three lengths wide with a facia to make it look as if it is thick dense heavy serious. Reaching underneath I realise they’re maybe 15mm thick with their bottoms undressed. The middle plank is a topographic swirl of contour lines riffing in honey brown.


  • “Full motion sound and video!” The station wall did its best to make a video screen yelling advertisements seem like a magic new invention (and not the bad TV that it is).
  • smiling eyes and curving petite lips of people texting rocking to train’s cadence. My, there are stories amongst those dimples.
  • Joseph Arthur’s “Lou”.