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  • he noticed a minor rise of thrill as his train sped through that station. “It’s express from here” murmured a thought smile. This, he decided, was the regal right you were granted when you lived further out.
  • black leather ankle boots. Blue lipped curlicue ink doing its peekaboo thing somewhereabouts an ankle. Oh, white anklets too just there as she rolls with the train. Sunlight strobes through the windows making goosebumps throw baby shadows. Framed by the crisp fall of her black waisted coast.


  • winter thought to remind spring that it wasn’t quite time yet.
  • as humanities academics we mistake abstract ideas as big things that matter more. Stepping away from abstraction and into what is, is surprisingly confusing.
  • in the lecture I was pontificate, colleague, employee, supervisor, teacher, quasi employer all at the same time. I did not make any of these me’s.


  • the 6:47pm train is very dark suited and male
  • Jolimont, West Richmond, North Richmond, Collingwood, Victoria Park, Clifton Hill, Westgarth, Dennis, Fairfield, Alphington, Darebin, Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Rosanna, Macleod, Watsonia, Greensborough, Montmorency. My train journey is a history of empire and white colonisation.

Job in NZ

Nice place to work and live:

Applications are invited for a three-year fixed-term Lectureship specialising in digital media production within the Media Studies and Expressive Arts programmes at Massey University. Digital media production involves the making of screen media texts, the study of the ways in which they construct and convey meaning, and of the social, cultural and political contexts of media production and reception.