promotion application (25% drafted) chapter about what I’m describing as ‘autodocumentary’ (70% drafted) DECRA (funding) application (85% drafted) editing 60k manuscript (20% first edit) editing contributed chapters to anthology I’m editing (80% edited) book review (0%) though have read it

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Good Research Is

Good research was considered to be a situated contextual practice that involves negotiating ambiguity, complexity, and disorder through the bringing to bear of theories as methods of doing upon these complex, disordered ambiguities. This avoids making any arbitrary distinction between practice based or creative research and whatever that is supposed to be in contrast to. […]

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Scholarships for PhDs

RMIT have a variety of significant competitive scholarships available for outstanding Phd applicants. There are scholarships for Australian (and New Zealand) citizens and the rest of the world. To be eligible you need a Masters, or a four year undergraduate degree, or equivalent. If you think you’re eligible, interested, are an outstanding applicant, and would […]

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Does this foolishness (I’m holding back there) know no bounds? “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Nice title for a pitch come launch come effort at SXSW but really, how stupid are we going to make ourselves? Yes, it’s only a title, but what story, I’d like to know, does the sun […]

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cfp YouTube Conference

Fresh from an email: See: YouTube Conference: Call for Papers 23/4 September 2016, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London. Keynote speaker: Professor Jean Burgess Please send an abstract of 350 words plus a short bio of 100 words for single papers or 500 words and individual bios for group panels by email attachment to […]

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We Know More Than You

Alisa Lebow just gave a wonderful keynote that kicked off i-docs. Largely about her online work Filming Revolution. Key things are how her respondents did not want a story for a revolution that was not yet (is not) yet done. That her work in the project with a coder and interaction designer became an issue […]

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Affective Auto-Documentary

The opening: In my pocket I have a phone. In my phone I have a camera, GPS, and micro computer. While we have witnessed a rise in mobile media platforms and services — in the realm of video most notably YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine, for text Twitter, and photography Flickr and Instagram — each of […]

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After scrambling and cobbling together dollars from a variety of sources it looks like I can get to this year’s i-docs symposium, hosted by the i-Docs mob from UWE. My first. I’m excited to see Bristol, to catch up with some friends, and to see what is going on. I, in that way that is […]

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Cutting Floor Two

The notion of the affect image as slow interval, as the indeterminate that falls between noticing and action, offers a radical critique of interactive documentary poetics, and a compelling alternative methodology. It lets us see that interactive documentary may be less about ‘access’ (social engagement and reach, sociocultural critique), or even novel technocultural forms (it […]

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