NECS 2017 Program

Program released for NECS 2017, great looking conference (in Paris). Skimming these always provides a great snapshot of what t

Research Methods and interactive documentary

This looks like a fantastic event: Workshop // Interactive Documentary as Research Method Bremen (Germany) – 03.05.2017 This

Patterns and Machines

Something simple applied with rigour, and repeated. This is how you simply, and elegantly, build complex patterns and/or struc

Matters of Concern and Interactive Documentary

The abstract of a new article of mine: This essay applies actor–network theory (ANT) and new materialism as a method for the

Bath Spa scoring runs around this stuff

Awesome looking conference that is too far away, wrong time of year, and so on: The Media Convergence Research Centre at Bath

Patricia Aufderheide at RMIT

As part of our docuverse series a talk by leading documentary scholar Thursday March 2, details on the non/fictionLab site.

Poetics and Politics of Doco Conference News

From the email (this is a conference I’m currently planning on getting to for 2017): We’re very pleased to announce th

I Have the Key to A Small Executive Bathroom Now

I was invited to apply to be considered to become the gloriously vainly titled ‘Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching’

Bright Write

I’ve managed to sneak away for five days to a small cabin in Bright to edit a lot of things that need editing. I’v

Hermetic Milieus. AKA, committees.

From a slide I just read about my university’s learning and teaching project activities (for how the university wants to

Recomposing the Humanities

New Literary History has an issue on Latour, materialism et al and the humanities. Volume 47, numbers 2 and 3.

cfp: Codes and Modes reframing Reality

From their info: Amidst the flurry of techno-utopian industry hype surrounding Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reali