Bright Write

I’ve managed to sneak away for five days to a small cabin in Bright to edit a lot of things that need editing. I’v

Hermetic Milieus. AKA, committees.

From a slide I just read about my university’s learning and teaching project activities (for how the university wants to

Recomposing the Humanities

New Literary History has an issue on Latour, materialism et al and the humanities. Volume 47, numbers 2 and 3.

cfp: Codes and Modes reframing Reality

From their info: Amidst the flurry of techno-utopian industry hype surrounding Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reali

Sensibility and the Senses, Cinema and Media Studies Conference

From the cfp. European Network for Cinema and Media Studies conference, is in Paris end of June, beginning July 2017. Be nice

A Public Declaration of Book Progress #1

Working Titles: Softvideo: A Mereological Memoir | Computational Video |

Visible Evidence Deadline Extended

As tends to happen every year the call for papers and proposals for the next Visible Evidence has been pushed out a month to t

A Reading Group, a Bit Like Ours

Feminisms and the environmental humanities reading group, Sydney uni, from their self description: In this reading group, we i

Quick and Dirty Solicitation

That heading, guaranteed to get a bump in traffic. 250 words in 2.5 days is an interesting experiment where 250 to 300 words a

Rambling First Draft Meditation on Technical Media

This is the first shit draft of a section of what is now known as ‘the book’. Deleuze contrasts the formal and man

Storyspace Primer

Howard Hoakley’s expanded index to his documentation and examples of using the lastest iteration of Eastgate’s sem

Media Stuff onto your iOS Device

Waltr 2 is seriously elegant. All your iOS devices can appear and you just drag and drop media files onto your device and they