Amazon Drive: Cloud Storage – Online Backup

I currently use Arq to do a backup of key data and I store it to Amazon S3. It costs me around AUD5 a month to keep 25GB of data there, with automatically hourly updates. Amazon are now offering a flat USD100 per year for unlimited storage on the Amazon Drive product. Unlimited. It’s very tempting as it isn’t much more than what I’m paying now and I could simply mirror my entire hard drive there.

Seucrely store photos, videos and files in Amazon Drive and access them anywhere, on any device.

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Videographic cfp

CFP: Videographic Approaches to World Cinema and Transnational Circulation
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Chicago, March 22-26, 2017

This panel seeks works of videographic criticism (or papers that address methodological and/or theoretical questions about this [new] form of scholarship) that look beyond the “text itself” to explore broader industrial questions about the processes through which films circulate. The videographic mode opens up rhetorical possibilities often unattainable via traditional modes of scholarship. Although it has been used overwhelmingly for—and is well suited to—close textual analysis, it simultaneously offers intriguing possibilities/challenges for explorations of other aspects of film culture such as exhibition, distribution, audience reception, and so on.

We are especially interested in proposals that address transnational circulation and/or issues related to World Cinema. Possible topics include:

Promotion (trailers, posters, etc.) and Branding
Paratexts (including opening titles, DVD packaging, making-of docs, etc.)
Film reviewing/criticism
Film Festivals
Subtitles, Dubbing and Translation
DVDs and streaming platforms
Celebrity/red carpet/awards shows
Audiences/fandom/fan vids
Social media (Youtube, Instagram, Vine, etc.)
Piracy and copyright

Please submit a 300-word abstract and brief bio to David Richler and Michael Talbott by Friday, August 12.

3D3 Research | The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training

If you’re UK citizen (you’ll need to read the fine print to see if these extend to EU citizens – for now anyway) then these are very excellent PhD scholarships. They are attached to three universities, and I’m noting it here since one of them is UWE (who I’m currently trying to negotiate a PhD exchange agreement with), so if you’re UK, very interested in interactive documentary, and an outstanding potential PhD candidate, have a look.

The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training is a partnership between Falmouth University, Plymouth University and UWE Bristol, to train a new generation of interdisciplinary practitioner-researchers in the fields of digital design, media and arts (including music and performance).

Source: 3D3 Research | The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training

on form and function – and Les Back’s Academic Diary | patter

Pat Thomson on Les Back’s academic diary book:

“The diary is a textual form that matches an interest in every-day life. It is a genre which readers expect to unfold before them – there is no meta commentary at the start, no signposting to signal to the reader what they can expect. And it is The Genre which readers expect to be connected to a calendar, to offer a record of quotidian experience. The diary is episodic, and thus amenable to multiple small narratives which add up to something more than their parts. It is stretched out in time, so is able to convey a year, terms and weeks punctuated by regular and irregular events. It is individual, a story told by a particular person, so it is able to bring together the idiosyncratic and emotional detail that dominant genres of intellectual sociological commentary render invisible.”
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sweet dreams and goals and objectives and demands

This tumblr blog shows material that comes out of a predictive text emulator. As best I understand it takes source material then is used to write its own version of the material. This is a machine for doing something that makes strange content. It is sort of Bogostian carpentry, and sort of a unit operation come word assemblage machine.
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Bots We Talk About When We Talk About Twitter Bots | the consilience lab

This is an honours thesis of a student of mine from 2014. Tully Hansen is a twitterbot aficionado. From the abstract:

The term Twitter bots covers a large (and growing) number of creatively motivated, largely lexically based cultural artefacts published online to the Twitter platform, works which encompass a diversity of styles, practices and implementations. As a result of this continuous expansion and extension of the genre, it becomes increasingly difficult to discuss Twitter bots as literary and artistic form with any specificity.
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