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Nice place to work and live:

Applications are invited for a three-year fixed-term Lectureship specialising in digital media production within the Media Studies and Expressive Arts programmes at Massey University. Digital media production involves the making of screen media texts, the study of the ways in which they construct and convey meaning, and of the social, cultural and political contexts of media production and reception.


IDFA DocLab Academy 2014

From their blurb (see

More and more, our reality is entwined and submerged in digital technology. While the consequences are both far-reaching and disturbing, these technologies have also led to an explosion of new ways to tell stories and create documentary art. But how do you tell a documentary story well? What artistic opportunities are opened up by new technologies such as virtual reality and the Oculus Rift? How do digital pioneers such as the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE utilize the internet without getting lost in its boundlessness? How do you finance an interactive documentary, find the right partners and reach your audience?

IDFA’s new media program DocLab and interdisciplinary arts center De Brakke Grond present, in cooperation with the Netherlands Film Fund and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, an exclusive talent development program for 20 innovative documentary makers and interactive storytelling talents from The Netherlands and Belgium. The DocLab Academy takes place November 20-26 and offers a comprehensive and adventurous program on the cutting edge of documentary storytelling and interactive media.

Same old, same old.


WordPress 4.0 now has improved media embedding. It relies on the oEmbed protocol that lets a site ask for media content from another site and for the correct HTML to be delivered. I don’t know if oEmbed works for video stored already in a WordPress install (it can talk to so presumably?) and if it can then it also means embedding video becomes elegantly trivial…

Once upon a time to embed video I would make a single frame poster movie, embed that using a lot of embed code, including the URL that the poster needed to link to, and so on. Ah, the good old days.

video blogging, et al.