• a new Bob Graham book about a sparrow, waiting for the new William Gibson, a good dim sim.
  • the last lecture faded into an intellectual whispered whimper, relying on saying something with incessant insistence. Not idea based argument or even peripatetic enquiry.
  • too often I believe my own bullshit


  • small old school yellow plastic Nokia. Incessantly bleeding blips of a river of texting.
  • both in blue sitting on different sides of the aisle. Trainers, tracksuit pants blue hoodie. She has a wool coat, blue and white scarf camel neatly pointed wedges. Leaning across she fondly and with a gesture that, perhaps because I did not realise their familiarity, folded care and concern together, caressed his knee. All the while piercing him with a reassuring smile. He was surprised, and stayed shrouded in the ennui of a track suit surrounded by we the commuting class. I can only marvel at what stories are held by that public intimacy.
  • tear, rend, cut, rip, shred, hack, chop, saw, scarify, slice, shear, wound, pierce

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