Korsakow Workshop

This is a gallery of the slides used in today’s Korsakow workshop. They suffer without the context of the conversation, but some who are familiar with Korsakow may find them useful, provocative, or promptful. The discussions that developed were very productive.


It’s been a busy two days, as the relative torrent of Instagram pics here shows. Yesterday was our interactive documentary symposium, supported by the doco node of the nonfictionLab. Well attended (that’s code for around 25 people in the audience all day), with some great material presented. More importantly (I reckon) it triggered some sharp debate and commentary, particularly questioning the role of narrative and story within interactive documentary.

Today we continued, with a cadre of six collectively writing abstracts for upcoming conferences, critiquing our presentations from yesterday, and doing some sketch like exercises to develop informal content to sit alongside the more formal content of an anthology we’re slowly writing (that I’m in the process of editing). Was a productive, draining day. And one of those days that sparks lots of ideas, possibilities and energy. We need those. Murmurs of a symposium or anthology or yet-to-be-thought event in the future around nonstory, or nonnarrative and documentary. Nice topic that.

Tomorrow it is an introductory Korsakow workshop. After the symposium there was quite a bit of new interest in the workshop, so tomorrow is another day, but there’s every chance of more participants than computers. Right now though I’m catching up a bit on the rest of the day job. Email. Bit of a sink hole isn’t it?