HTML 5 Specs, Standards and How Tos

html5video.orgKaltura write, host and run the html5video site. Sort of sums it up doesn’t it. Heaps of information here and this is the first stop you’d probably want to make. Has demos and a blog. Kaltura is open source video service that you can install and run yourself, or pay for them to do it all for you.

Apple’s “Introduction to JavaScript Scripting Guide for QuickTime” which provides access to all the stuff that lets JavaScript talk to QuickTime, and vice versa, including the QuickTime JavaScript libraries that Apple provides.

Popcorn.js this is a library that provides an event framework for use with HTML5 to provide ways to talk to time based content and webpage elements. Provides the glue for a lot of the better early work being done.

Apple’s “About HTML5 Audio and Video” information from the Safari Developer Library.

W3C HTML 5 specification overview, and the video element W3C is the consortium that defines the HTML specification.

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