Cutting Floor Two

The notion of the affect image as slow interval, as the indeterminate that falls between noticing and action, offers a radical critique of interactive documentary poetics, and a compelling alternative methodology. It lets us see that interactive documentary may be less about ‘access’ (social engagement and reach, sociocultural critique), or even novel technocultural forms (it […]

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Cutting Floor One

Dumped from a current chapter: As a centre or zone of indetermination the affect image is then where things may happen, but this interval is extended, in some cases interminably in the cinema, where in its extreme form that which does happen is never sufficient to the situation. This is the real regime of the […]

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Slide Four

An extract from the talk on Ambience, Affect, Autodocumentary I’m contributing to Monday’s interactive documentary symposium. In relation to interactive media I think Deleuze’s cinema philosophy is the most elegant account of interactivity available. In its simplest model we can understand that in an interactive documentary there is an interface that requires a user to […]

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Ambience, Affect, Autodocumentary (slides and notes)

Here are my talking notes, slides as image gallery below. [Slide 2] My brief presentation today comes from earlier research in interactive video, combined with recent work in affect and interactive documentary. Today I am going to look at a variety of new online services and then use these to speculate about new forms of […]

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Ambience, Affect and Autodocumentary

This is the abstract for a paper I’m giving next week as part of an interactive documentary panel at ASPERA: In my pocket I have a phone. In my phone I have a camera, GPS, and a micro computer. While we have witnessed a rise in mobile media platforms and services — in the realm […]

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Affective Knowing and Documentary

Hannah Brasier has started her PhD, and I’m very happily one of her supervisors. Late last year she successfully completed her PhD confirmation, and she’s put her slides and some excellent notes on her blog. Towards Affective Knowing in the Diary Film and Interactive Documentary.

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Sonnet Film

Am in the middle of making a sonnet film, using Korsakow. Still got a way to go, and after letting it sit for a few weeks and coming back to it am rethinking the interface quite dramatically. The form is probably what is known as a modern sonnet, as I am not using iambic pentameter […]

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