Media After Deleuze (Deleuze Encounters) David Savat: Bloomsbury Academic

Very interesting looking new book from two .au authors on media and Deleuze. Not quite out yet (real soon though) and by the t

Cutting Floor Two

The notion of the affect image as slow interval, as the indeterminate that falls between noticing and action, offers a radical

Cutting Floor One

Dumped from a current chapter: As a centre or zone of indetermination the affect image is then where things may happen, but th

Slide Four

An extract from the talk on Ambience, Affect, Autodocumentary I’m contributing to Monday’s interactive documentary

Ambience, Affect, Autodocumentary (slides and notes)

Here are my talking notes, slides as image gallery below. [Slide 2] My brief presentation today comes from earlier research in

Ambience, Affect and Autodocumentary

This is the abstract for a paper I’m giving next week as part of an interactive documentary panel at ASPERA: In my pocke

Christopher Walken dance compilation

Becoming increasingly interested in these remix works as a particular sort of videographic ontography. And it’s Christop

10/40/70: Constraint as Liberation in the Era of Digital Film Theory: Nicholas Rombes: 9781782791409: Books

Nick Rombes new book is out, using a simple constrained model – where you look at a frame 10, 40, and 70 minutes into a

Affective Knowing and Documentary

Hannah Brasier has started her PhD, and I’m very happily one of her supervisors. Late last year she successfully complet

Sonnet Film

Am in the middle of making a sonnet film, using Korsakow. Still got a way to go, and after letting it sit for a few weeks and

Gallery – Virtual Archives, Draft 2

Gallery: Third Draft, Interactive Documentary and Affective Ecologies