Book: Slow Philosophy: Reading against the Institution: Michelle Boulous Walker

Slow philosophy, but it’s the subtitle that holds most promise: “In an age of internet scrolling and skimming, whe

The Act of Documenting: Documentary Film in the 21st Century: Brian Winston

Probably important: “Documentary has never attracted such audiences, never been produced with such ease from so many cor

Practice-based Design Research: Laurene Vaughan: Bloomsbury Academic

Colleague and friend Laurene Vaughan has edited this collection Looks an interesting and useful read: “Practice-Based De

Book: Regarding Life: Animals and the Documentary Moving Image

On the definite list. from Delicious:

Medialogies: Reading Reality in the Age of Inflationary Media (a book)

“We are living in a time of inflationary media. While technological change has periodically altered and advanced the way

Documents of Utopia | Books | Columbia University Press

“This timely volume discusses the experimental documentary projects of some of the most significant artists working in t

The Essay Film | Books | Columbia University Press

New book on the essay film: “With its increasing presence in a continuously evolving media environment, the essay film a

Documentary Display (a book)

“Not all documentary films and videos are sober depictions of the real world. Documentary representations can present ex

Rambling First Draft Meditation on Technical Media

This is the first shit draft of a section of what is now known as ‘the book’. Deleuze contrasts the formal and man

The Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies (Bloomsbury Revelations): Michel Serres: 9781474299640: Books

The blurb: Marginalized by the scientific age the lessons of the senses have been overtaken by the dominance of language and t

Ex-centric Cinema: Giorgio Agamben and Film Archaeology (Thinking Cinema) Janet Harbord: Bloomsbury Academic

Intriguing new title (and look, only $98.99 for the eBook – fuckers): In the beginning, cinema was an encounter between

Poetics of YouTube

YouTube book, from the blurb: Poetics of Early YouTube offers an analysis of the most subscribed YouTube channels of the years