Before Lunch

"If language is local and mediated locally, and digital infrastructure is global [and by implication the same everywhere] then

What I told the Young ‘Uns

From the Integrated Media blog: If you wait till inspiration arrives you will not make very much. ... And we don't need

Meta Blogging as Teaching

Here's one from today: It's Friday afternoon, I rode 65km on my bike on the way to work (what you might also call school) t

Slow Cinema Slow Media

Shaun Wilson has created a slow cinema slow media Vimeo group . This is part of the work towards a Slow Cinema symposium

Theft by Internet

Most places pay a very modest amount for examinations, and in RMIT's case this literally requires the completion of three docu

Condition One

They're not small, the one I'm waiting to view is 1:39 in length and 250MB, that's a shitload of video for less than two minut


If I want something more sophisticated (which I do) then I also probably need a lot more than what a service like this can do,

Lion, Perhaps

That one's not so bad, I just need to manually copy the information into a new program (I'm using Wallet, but I might just use

Academics are Whingers

I wrote last week why the general tone of the criticism of Apple's new iBook Authoring app End User Licence Agreement was an

Why the EULA is the wrong end of the stick

So they no longer design a thing like a computer but instead an experience, it is about what you can do with it, and they make

La Descente

That's a student, this must be afternoon, no student leaves for university at the same time as the workers, and that tabloid s

Quickie on the Future of Books

There are, and will be, significant works of literature that will exist outside of paper (after all Homer's work was not, orig