Day Three (Turning into a Test Match)

Grumpy post. The mediocrity of some thinking is just, well, either shameful, depressing, or lazy. Perhaps all three. A great q

Middle Data

It is a methodological field, not an algorithmic process (for those that recognise it, this is from Barthes' "From Work to Tex

Archaries and Libchives

Fascinating presentation by David Pearson, Director of Culture, Heritage and Libraries for the City of London Corporation abou

What is Social Video?

Another possible essay coming out of the Circus Oz archive project that I'm nutting and fidgeting over: The major impedimen

Archive Relations

This also means we can think of these relations as objects in their own right, and so pose the question and problem of what an

Open Humanities Alliance

They have a journal incubator where if you want to turn an existing journal (that you or your organisation owns), or create a

Publishers Spam

So unless you've been under the academic equivalent of a rock lately (aka admin, attending innovation workshops, or just well,

Sophie an Ebook Sort of Thing

Initially designed and developed under the auspices of the Institute for the Future of the Book, Sophie is currently being sig

Day of Digital Humanities

I've always toyed with a possible 'day in the life' project where you use digital tools to let a community document itself fo

International Handbook (2)

The bit I struggle with, but this Handbook might actually be different is: academics write the content (generally for free)


Perhaps with the realisation that in spite of publisher's self congratulatory trumpeting of their importance to ensure quality

Digital Texts

What is interesting is that this is a project that has come from Stéfan Sinclair (and Johnny Rodgers), a prominent figure w