Bergson before Bergsonism: Traversing “Bergson’s Failing” in Susanne K. Langer’s Philosophy of Art (2016) | Iris van der Tuin –

Now this will be a dense read…. from Delicious:

Humanist Posthumanism, Becoming-Woman and the Powers of the ‘Faux’ | Claire Colebrook –

More jottings from Claire Colebrook (she’s been on a roll of late). from Delicious:

Media After Deleuze (Deleuze Encounters) David Savat: Bloomsbury Academic

Very interesting looking new book from two .au authors on media and Deleuze. Not quite out yet (real soon though) and by the t

Interface and Indetermination

Interface. Or perhaps, as a prompt or proposition, interfaces? Ever since Manovich described (perhaps too quickly) as fundamen

Visual Map

This is a Venn diagram I made to help think about the research proposal that I outlined the other day.

Interactive Documentary and Digital Poetics version 0.4

In Australia the peak research funding body is the Australian Research Council (the ARC). Getting ARC money is a big deal. Hig

Affective Assemblages: Documentary Practice

My slides from the 2012 Visible Evidence conference held in Canberra in December. Arguing that network specific 'aggregators

Archives, Relations, the Sensory Motor Schema

An archive is a collection policed by archivists. An archive is a collection haunted by the rigours of integrity. An archive i

Wholes and Parts, or Shots, Edits and Sequences

This is why we can cut up shots, why meaning does not disappear (meaning might change, but that is an entirely different propo

Softvideo, Relations, Assemblages

Things, whether they are ideas, video sequences, or sentences have an immensity of relations that they are situated within and

Archive Relations

This also means we can think of these relations as objects in their own right, and so pose the question and problem of what an

Draft: Korsakow and Affect (2)

Here I take the movement image and the sensory motor schema and use it to think about Korsakow films: This tripartite series