Interactive Documentary Aesthetics Pamphlet

I convened a panel at Visible Evidence XXII (2015, Toronto) around interactive documentary aesthetics. The format required each member to provide ten slides that would be on screen for thirty seconds in advance, so we each spoke for five minutes then opened it to discussion from the audience and amongst each other. (It was lively, […]

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Did I?

Adrian finished the conversation by proposing that Seb’s trajectory provides a proposition for expanded documentary: What is really interesting across the history that Seb has described is this movement from what I think of as an artefact centred practice towards an experience orientated practice…Documentary is still very much artefact driven, even though it has social […]

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CFP: documentary and audiences

CFP: Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies Special Issue: Audience research into documentary and related media Expected Publication Date: November 2017 (Vol . 14, Issue 2) Co-Editors: Craig Hight (University of Newcastle, AU); Kate Nash (University of Leeds, UK) Participations is the online Journal devoted to the broad field of audience and reception studies. […]

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MFA-PhD Dual Degree Program (DAVR) | School of Theater, Film and Media Arts

Part of the recent move to PhDs and the non ‘terminal’ MFA in the US: The MFA-PhD Program in Documentary Arts and Visual Research (DAVR) is a unique dual degree program in theory and practice for students who have completed a MFA program, have well defined goals, and wish to expand their theories and methods […]

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Necsus | Alternative Film/Video Research Forum 2016, Documentary IntersectionsNECSUS

Regarding the active fault line between modes of expression in cinema, Bill Nichols wrote about ‘blurred boundaries’ in 1995. Twenty years later Erika Balsom and Hila Peleg wrote about ‘documentary across disciplines’ with a specific focus on alternative forms. Notwithstanding these important recent critical brackets, there is a very long tradition of documentary practices making […]

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Meta-information is not a Story

This partial interview on the i-docs site between Lomax Boyd and Loc Dao and Janine Steele of NFB is intriguing. What I’m curious about, and noting, is that they are discussing infographics, analytics, and affective responses and how these may, or may not, be implemented in interactive documentary, with a particular interest in how they […]

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Some things I’ve been reading lately, by students, research students, practice-based researchers, and theorists, uses the term “capture” to discuss what their camera or sound recorder is doing to the world. It’s an odd word that’s time, surely, is over. Briefly (always briefly here), surely in a post analogue media world of ready to hand […]

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