Storing Energy

What happens to our understanding of documentary, and documentary’s history, if we think of it as a history of capacities to store energy? Cameras have motors, the history, crudely, is human powered (hand cranked), clockwork, electric – large batteries, then smaller. For some sorts of documentary this also applies to the refrigeration necessary to protect […]

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Does this foolishness (I’m holding back there) know no bounds? “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Nice title for a pitch come launch come effort at SXSW but really, how stupid are we going to make ourselves? Yes, it’s only a title, but what story, I’d like to know, does the sun […]

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We Know More Than You

Alisa Lebow just gave a wonderful keynote that kicked off i-docs. Largely about her online work Filming Revolution. Key things are how her respondents did not want a story for a revolution that was not yet (is not) yet done. That her work in the project with a coder and interaction designer became an issue […]

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I’m currently attending UWE’s two yearly i-docs conference at the beginning of March. The conference is run by the i-doc research group in Bristol. I will be presenting recent research that interrogates (criticises, questions, even possibly politely attacks) the hegemony of story in interactive documentary. The world isn’t a story, why should nonfiction works about […]

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After scrambling and cobbling together dollars from a variety of sources it looks like I can get to this year’s i-docs symposium, hosted by the i-Docs mob from UWE. My first. I’m excited to see Bristol, to catch up with some friends, and to see what is going on. I, in that way that is […]

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Multilinearity, Notes on Terms

Franzsi interviewed me last week and had some provocative questions, observations, and concerns. It was good to be called to account and to stretch ideas. One of these proddings was around non versus multi linearity. I prefer multilinearity as a way to describe the sorts of interconnected nodal things I make and advocate. Others use […]

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Cutting Floor Two

The notion of the affect image as slow interval, as the indeterminate that falls between noticing and action, offers a radical critique of interactive documentary poetics, and a compelling alternative methodology. It lets us see that interactive documentary may be less about ‘access’ (social engagement and reach, sociocultural critique), or even novel technocultural forms (it […]

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Cutting Floor One

Dumped from a current chapter: As a centre or zone of indetermination the affect image is then where things may happen, but this interval is extended, in some cases interminably in the cinema, where in its extreme form that which does happen is never sufficient to the situation. This is the real regime of the […]

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Expanded Doco Symposium Coming Up

Documentary research students in the non/fictionLab are putting together an interactive documentary symposium for February 2016. Hannah Brasier, Kim Munro (I’m supervising both), Nicholas Hansen, and visiting research Franziska Weidle are running Docuverse: A symposium for expanded documentary practices has a current call for papers and description.

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