Fav Or It

Get it (favorit)? Beta web based aggregation service, seems to also be offering commenting within there that ends up at the original blog post (that’s cool) and something about a ‘slice system’, which I don’t quite get. Interesting to see these developments as we move from just aggregation towards additional services.

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Documentary Practice Critique

Welcome to “Documentary Critique“, a new group blog about documentary practice. By some of the names and links in the blog roll I think I know who they are, but remember, it is usually good to have your name and some way of contact available! Have subscribed to see what comes of this new beginning.

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Digital Arts and Culture 2007

Since the original DAC in 1998, the ongoing Digital Arts and Culture conference series has established itself as one of the more vibrant academic and creative forums for digital doing. (Self interest warning, I chaired MelbourneDAC in 2003.) The next one, in 2007, has partnered with the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) and should […]

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Perception of Matter

Andrew Murphie appears to be the lead nomad for The Institute for the Perception of Matter. What appears to be a group blog on a post(Deleuzean) empiricist examination of what I guess might be the epistemologies of matter. Will be rich with possibilities, my personal view is that groups and blogs don’t mix nicely, so […]

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Mark Hancock’s new Blog

Mark has moved his blog to a shiny new WordPress installation. Mark is one of the small group of very good writers and thinkers on video blogging, which means more or less that we agree on some things and think that video in a blog is not really the end point of what video blogging […]

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From Paul, I’ve found a WordPress plugin that lets readers see how to correctly cite a blog post for academic referencing. Given I wrote a ‘how to cite webpages‘ page in about 1995, and still don’t get why so many academics can’t get their head around what the important bits of information are, the plugin […]

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