Meta Blogging as Teaching

Here’s one from today: It’s Friday afternoon, I rode 65km on my bike on the way to work (what you might also call school) this morning and the glorious autumn sun outside is shining a bit too seductively off my bike behind me in the office. There’s no segue here, just a shoutout to Thomas , who I editorialised with last week (yes, I responded to Thomas but it really is good for you all to realise that I use this as an opportunity to engage with everyone, so when I riff of ya stuff it’s usually to illustrate something for all 84 of those doing IM and anyone else passing by) when I did the blog equivalent of a clip behind the ear.

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Have migrated commentary on Integrated Media student work, and so on, to its own blog. … Will still discuss Korsakow, online video and the like here, but over there is where I will do the teaching specific commentaries.

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The Everyday

One of the small but big changes we are playing with this semester is to think through how a semi-formal, everyday video making might also be ‘serious’ and produce ‘real’ work. … While you do need something like 60 clips, some things to approach what she describes might be to only film at night, or to only explore one aspect of Melbourne.

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At this point for those who are a bit lost my advice is: choose a simple idea the idea must be a simple process or activity that can be repeated do it, a lot collate, and then curate (judge, group) what you collect see what, if anything needs to be changed, and shoot some more build (which you can begin from step 5) Lindsay’s group have a character as their ‘thing’. … Celine begins one way, but is shown that it can just get too complicated (certainly at this point) to make a strict rule governed work, so casts about for other possibilities

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As is common in this subject, it is someone working professionally in contemporary media who gets excited. They’ve seen what’s out there, what matters, and yes, there are great possibilities in making media that is native a deeply intertwingled , networked ecology.

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Down at the Hyper-Cafe

This is one of the better things imagining what a ‘hypertextual video’ might be, though pretty much no one in the film come interactive video community know it. It comes from the point of view of hypertext, which is why it thinks about links quite literally, but produces a set of possibilities that recognises that it is all about the types of connections (links) possible.

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