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Meta Blogging as Teaching

Here's one from today: It's Friday afternoon, I rode 65km on my bike on the way to work (what you might also call school) t


Have migrated commentary on Integrated Media student work, and so on, to its own blog. ... Will still discuss Korsakow, onl

The Everyday

One of the small but big changes we are playing with this semester is to think through how a semi-formal, everyday video makin


At this point for those who are a bit lost my advice is: choose a simple idea the idea must be a simple process or activity

Forwards not Backwards to the Future

Elena picks up one of the ideas I've been tossing around about how in K-Films, unlike 'normal' films, we project forwards, no

Blood on the Lectern

The ever regular and impressively reliable Cassie has a useful list of takeaways from the lecture .


As is common in this subject, it is someone working professionally in contemporary media who gets excited. They've seen what

Down at the Hyper-Cafe

This is one of the better things imagining what a 'hypertextual video' might be, though pretty much no one in the film come in

I Fought Korsakow, and I Won

Mel's useful précis of important bits of Korsakow. Elena writes out the why of iterative making in Korsakow, and that c


Phoebe has a good post outlining some of the feedback from the assessment with Seth. What do we need to be able to surrende

A Reminder

Housekeeping . As your work on bigger projects, housekeeping gets more important, as Emma found out.

Smallness and Scale

They've pretty much written enough blog posts now to have done the essay (what you blog can most definitely be repurposed for