Shit, December

My PhD student Hannah Brasier has uploaded “Negotiating Mess: Towards a Multilinear Engagement with Complexity in Interactive Documentary” to From a current research proposal of mine: This project aims to create a new framework to theorise and understand interactive documentary by using theories from critical digital humanities. This framework will expand our conception of […]

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Being Observed

Franziska Weidle is a PhD candidate in anthropology from Göttingen who is doing field work on Korsakow. We, it turns out, are the field. She’s a great addition to the non/fictionLab and documentary group, participating in seminars, workshops, supervision and so on. She’s started a blog for her field work on Korsakow.

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Korsakow Workshop

This is a gallery of the slides used in today’s Korsakow workshop. They suffer without the context of the conversation, but some who are familiar with Korsakow may find them useful, provocative, or promptful. The discussions that developed were very productive.

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Melbourne Korsakow Workshop

There will be a free full day Korsakow workshop at RMIT on February 18. Places are limited, and participants will be eligible for a 50% discount on the cost of Korsakow. If you’ve dabbled with Korsakow, are interested in interactive documentary, curious, a nonfiction multilinear narrator, or some combination of these, then this is for […]

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Changes Afoot to Korsakow

Korsakow, still open source, formally more or less free, is now USD50 (details on the Korsakow site). This is a good move to hopefully allow more robust development of what remains the best application for authoring generative, thick, multilinear video works for non-programmers (the other options available create link hierarchies, not poetic clouds). I expect […]

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Writing, Zeno, Pitch

I am writing an essay about interactive documentary. Actually Korsakow. It is very very late. It is remarkably recalcitrant. I am so very nearly there, that moment when the finish line becomes a demonstration of Zeno’s paradox as it seems to move further away the closer you get. It is so close. Here’s a snippet. […]

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Newcastle in June

2014 ASPERA conference website now happening. Program is a PDF. There’s a database doco panel on Wednesday (Elvira Calatayud, Dean Keep, and JT Velikovsky), and our panel (me, Bettina Frankham, Hannah Brasier, and Seth Keen) on Thursday, with a Korsakow workshop Thursday afternoon.

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