Korsakow – not the linear-causal way of thinking

Good summary and discussion from a Korsakow workshop in Brighton: “What is a story?” asks Florian Thalhofer at the Korsako

Korsakow is

Korsakow is not rhizomatic nor arboreal (though some have tried to do one or the other). Korsakow is atmospheric, it is about

Korsakow 6 an Intimate Cinema

A release date of October 22 has been set for the very much anticipated Korsakow 6. This version exports to HTML 5. While some

Paolo Favero

Work meeting with Paolo A photo posted by @vogmae on Sep 11, 2016 at 7:35pm PDT Had a coffee with Paolo Favero today. He’

Necsus | Database aesthetics, modular storytelling, and the intimate small worlds of Korsakow documentariesNECSUS

Excellent essay that is right up my alley by Anna Wiehl: “Without wanting to set up a dichotomy between big-scale projec


PhDs in the non/fictionLab are holding their Docuverse: A Symposium for Expanded Documentary Practices on February 12. 1 to 5p

Shit, December

My PhD student Hannah Brasier has uploaded “Negotiating Mess: Towards a Multilinear Engagement with Complexity in Intera

Being Observed

Franziska Weidle is a PhD candidate in anthropology from Göttingen who is doing field work on Korsakow. We, it turns out, are

Good Read

Hannah B. has the text of her recent talk “Assembling Observations: Transformations of Avant-Garde Docuemntary in Korsak

Korsakow Workshop

This is a gallery of the slides used in today’s Korsakow workshop. They suffer without the context of the conversation,

Melbourne Korsakow Workshop

There will be a free full day Korsakow workshop at RMIT on February 18. Places are limited, and participants will be eligible

Changes Afoot to Korsakow

Korsakow, still open source, formally more or less free, is now USD50 (details on the Korsakow site). This is a good move to h