Blue Collar Colour

I seem to have been struggling with myself lately. Nothing serious, it isn’t one of those ‘OMG do we need to call someone?’ posts. It is one of those first world, well paid, white male problems, this one. Been working through stuff, processing I suppose. Could it be my age? Might it be my age. […]

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Summer Holidays

It’s high summer. Been on holidays. This means: camping nearby in bush on the Yarra River through 3 days of 44° temperatures (we spent a lot of time sitting in the river) having a toe nail painted with nail polish by ms 7 y.o. buying a new rear wheel for my road bike sweating and […]

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Yet More Ways I Get to Feel Old

Just needed to share that in Keynote I added a Vine clip as a background, scaled up to 800 x 800, plays automatically and loops. Text on top with dissolves in and out. Then over 30 seconds I zoom in 10x closer onto the video, then over 30 seconds back out again. Plays fine. Then […]

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Just spent 20 minutes trying to find where it was that I saw the ability to ‘curate’ your own highlights in Kindle on my iPad. All those things you highlight and bookmark and even comment on, I was in some Kindle app and saw you could toggle these to only show highlights, starred ones, comments. […]

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Mail Pilot Public Beta

Mail Pilot is something I backed on Kickstarter. There’s some iOS clients, and now a desktop client just gone public beta. They originally outlined a way to do email that Mailbox also uses. Mailbox I think stole an early march with their very slick iOS client, but I’ve been beta testing through 7 early versions […]

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Well, They’re Gone

Visible Evidence 2012 (Canberra). The website was Visible Evidence 2013 (that’s still this year), seems to have been One is now Japanese with information about loans, I”m assuming it’s some sort of SEO scam. The other is vacant. Not sure what it says about things when one of the major documentary conferences so […]

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Current Toolbox

Current go to toolbox, for my laptop: Papers Scrivener Tinderbox Zotero Ecto Chrome Airmail Photoshop Snapz pro iCal QuickTime 7 Pro Compressor BBedit Coda Flux iTunes iPhoto Evernote RocketDocs MAMP Transmit Feedly (well, OK, it’s a service) Time Machine Arq

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