Small Favourites (3)

when a student blogs a learning moment, of any sort finding a tail feather from a yellow tailed black cockatoo on the way to work seeing a platypus in the river near home the second essay by Wolfgang Ernst in “Digital Memory and the Archive”

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The Wall

Vogmae could finish an art project to find ms “now I’m 7” nearly asleep on the couch worn out from a sleep over and trip to the zoo. … The anxiety of having to finish, the laxity of letting writing get out of hand and I think more pertinently not having the source material near or ready to hand so that the gaps, those gaps that trucks lumber through, stare back at me more resolutely, and rudely, than any blank page white screen blinking cursor ever manages to do.

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Labour Day

(As a consequence I get defensive and also bored when I see others being celebrated for doing what I irascibly think of as joining the dots, since it strikes me as bleeding fucking obvious, though apparently not to others.) … That if I wrote in a way that followed the ideas and connections I make with students (for for example a lecture is often a thinking out loud, in situ, from an idea as a prompt in what is an essayist form) then this would be useful for others, and productive for me.

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An Administrative Email I Had to Send

There’s an explanation below, but the financial wheels of the credit system have ground to a halt and in spite of our best intentions your thank you gift vouchers from are not going to be distributed to the new year. … Being the end of the year and all the budgets needing to be spent most people were spending, so it was hard to find ‘space’ on a corporate card to pay for the vouchers.

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