Small Favourites (3)

when a student blogs a learning moment, of any sort finding a tail feather from a yellow tailed black cockatoo on the way to

The Wall

Vogmae could finish an art project to find ms "now I'm 7" nearly asleep on the couch worn out from a sleep over and trip to th

Labour Day

(As a consequence I get defensive and also bored when I see others being celebrated for doing what I irascibly think of as

An Administrative Email I Had to Send

There's an explanation below, but the financial wheels of the credit system have ground to a halt and in spite of our best int


I had wanted to write about taking the country train to the city. ... Marks me with the grey of thinking I was never like tha

Sweet and Sour

Chalk it up to losing things, after all as anyone with children (of any age, I suspect) knows there is a lot of stuff, and it

DNA Symposium, Self Reflection

As I was doing this, and thinking about how to distil this down into five minutes, I had to this bright flash of intuition whe

I Need a Method

Today as I was working, with small things taking much longer (as always) as you think they will, and then thinking about the t


These days, if you copy and paste it is trivial to find, uncover, reveal. ... Not much, but hey, he's an aristocrat so it's n

Second Day of Another Year

I ride to work in lycra, and she routinely switches from being a boy (call me "mate") to a girl ("call me princess"), and I'm

Not a Productive Day, This One

One of the simple rules I'm experimenting with is to have the first keyword (link) always go to the next clip, as the material

iCal to gCal Sync

I hadn't checked for it seems a couple of years, since today I did a search and found that gcal has been able to do this for a