Log Entries

This is, well, revealing of what goes on under the covers of your laptop: The detail collected in these logs is astonishing and its quantity overwhelming. During the first minute following the starting up of your Mac, there are likely to be more than 70,000 log entries – and that is when everything goes to […]

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Guilt and Habit and Body

When you ride your bike (or run) regularly there is quite surprising guilt when you avoid doing it. Today it is raining. I check the radar calculating how long I can leave off setting off for work as the rain is clearing. Meetings insist I need to get the train, and my body complains will […]

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Shit, December

My PhD student Hannah Brasier has uploaded “Negotiating Mess: Towards a Multilinear Engagement with Complexity in Interactive Documentary” to academia.edu. From a current research proposal of mine: This project aims to create a new framework to theorise and understand interactive documentary by using theories from critical digital humanities. This framework will expand our conception of […]

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Bogost’s carpenty meets strange ontography

(I like Dominic Wilcox’s comment about quiet kids and what goes on in their heads). These are a form of ontography where you make machines that are lists because you bring together things in odd ways and reveal other connections and relations between them. (And around 4 minutes where he wants to be able to […]

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Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfiction and Lists

This semester in our media undergraduate program I’m running a 12 week studio entitled Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfiction and Lists. (I’m riffing off Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology a lot at the moment.) I’m intending the studio to be problem based, come action learning, which will freak me and the students out till we get the […]

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Watson painting Spring viewing it in Autumn

This afternoon A, madly loom bandzing ms 7.y.o. myself and two friends made the short trip over the ridges to the deep middle of the Yarra Valley. The vineyard, gallery, gourmet slither of the middle. The main intent was to have a look at the current show|s at TarraWarra, with a side diversion for coffee […]

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Really Real

A common scenario witnessed this week in classes with media students. They add stuff to a new project in Korsakow, add keywords, do lots of building, and then go to save their project. The program doesn’t like that. I’ve written an explanation for them that most (the majority) won’t read, let alone understand. The problem […]

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Representational Fallacy

Students are currently using Vine or Instagram (predominantly) as their medium of choice for filming in our smuggled in Korsakow based subject. We get them to make a lot of quick, sketch video work, largely so that they can produce a viable media library, to provoke them to question their implicit model of media monumentality […]

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