Patterns and Machines

Something simple applied with rigour, and repeated. This is how you simply, and elegantly, build complex patterns and/or struc

Matters of Concern and Interactive Documentary

The abstract of a new article of mine: This essay applies actor–network theory (ANT) and new materialism as a method for the

I’m Sorry I don’t have a Story

I’ve just had an essay published. I wrote this in Storyspace, then spent a lot of time translating the link structure in

Composition Across/Between Edges

Shit, this is impressive in so many ways (the people, the theme, that it’s free). If travelling from here to there didn&

Log Entries

This is, well, revealing of what goes on under the covers of your laptop: The detail collected in these logs is astonishing an

Guilt and Habit and Body

When you ride your bike (or run) regularly there is quite surprising guilt when you avoid doing it. Today it is raining. I che

Shit, December

My PhD student Hannah Brasier has uploaded “Negotiating Mess: Towards a Multilinear Engagement with Complexity in Intera

Bogost’s carpenty meets strange ontography

(I like Dominic Wilcox’s comment about quiet kids and what goes on in their heads). These are a form of ontography where

Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfiction and Lists

This semester in our media undergraduate program I’m running a 12 week studio entitled Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfi

Slides and Text

The pics and text of my conference presentation, Flat Archives or Promiscuity Abound, which is more about relational media and

Watson painting Spring viewing it in Autumn

This afternoon A, madly loom bandzing ms 7.y.o. myself and two friends made the short trip over the ridges to the deep middle

Really Real

A common scenario witnessed this week in classes with media students. They add stuff to a new project in Korsakow, add keyword