In classical film studies while there has been an overstated tension between montage (epitomised by Eisenstein and his copious writings) and the ‘realism’ of the long take (championed by cinema’s first major scholar, André Bazin) both have a basis in the problem of the edit. … While Eisenstein’s position is easily understood in the light of the edit, the traditional notion of the long take and deep depth of field – Bazin’s basic legacy – can only make sense as a position by virtue of cinema’s immanent logic of being able to break shots into smaller but whole pieces and place them in variable new relations.

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Ulmer ebook

Nearly typed eBook then, god damned aPple. My neighbours have edited (and contributed to) a fantastic collection dedicated to the work of Greg Ulmer. It is available as a free pdf download (46MB). Illogic of Sense. the Gregory L. Ulmer Remix. It is an academic collection and an artist’s ebook, check it out.

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I often (ok, very often) get pissed off. At lots of things. Minor, major, big small. I tend not to write about these things, or to use them, since it seems to me to be only reactionary and an act of ressentiment. Unproductive and reactive knowledge. While walking along Merri Creek thinking about this on […]

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The New Golf

OK, finally cracked. Have added cycling as a category because I’m doing a lot of it and it is a passion. In a previous life I raced, preferably on the road, preferably uphill. A roadie in the vernacular. Long enough ago that the only person I knew of with clipless pedals with Greg Lemond, and […]

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