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Job at Latrobe

Level C position, Latrobe Uni in the new Creative Arts area they are setting up out there. Opportunity to build something new and get some runs on the board/kick some goals (yeah, OK, enough with the sporting metaphors). But is new program and there is some licence to invent so is a good opportunity. Details online.


The first major hypertext I made was the Chris Marker WWW archive. Written in Storyspace, exported to HTML. Marker is now in Second Life (I’m a fan, but I’m sad about that, it’s like he’s moving more and more to the inside of everything). You can do a tour with Marker of the work, which is seriously exciting.


I have just removed the following from an essay I’m writing on virtual video.

In classical film studies while there has been an overstated tension between montage (epitomised by Eisenstein and his copious writings) and the ‘realism’ of the long take (championed by cinema’s first major scholar, André Bazin) both have a basis in the problem of the edit. For the former the edit was seen as the basis of the cinema while Bazin’s realism had to respond precisely to the problem of the edit through various arguments of revelation and deferral. My point is that both positions implicitly require the recognition of the role of the cut, one embraces this as a productive essence (which of itself is a highly problematic essentialism dressed up as formalism) while the other wishes to defer the edit to a catholic inspired phenomenal realism. While Eisenstein’s position is easily understood in the light of the edit, the traditional notion of the long take and deep depth of field – Bazin’s basic legacy – can only make sense as a position by virtue of cinema’s immanent logic of being able to break shots into smaller but whole pieces and place them in variable new relations.

Ulmer ebook

Nearly typed eBook then, god damned aPple. My neighbours have edited (and contributed to) a fantastic collection dedicated to the work of Greg Ulmer. It is available as a free pdf download (46MB). Illogic of Sense. the Gregory L. Ulmer Remix. It is an academic collection and an artist’s ebook, check it out.