Melbourne Korsakow Workshop

There will be a free full day Korsakow workshop at RMIT on February 18. Places are limited, and participants will be eligible for a 50% discount on the cost of Korsakow. If you’ve dabbled with Korsakow, are interested in interactive documentary, curious, a nonfiction multilinear narrator, or some combination of these, then this is for […]

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KiG 05

This one snuck up on me. Thought was another week away! This coming Monday, from 5:30pm Korsakow Interest Group. Viewing and talking about work in progress. Theory, practice, and maybe some suggested reading to help with everyone’s research and projects. Last time we saw some very nice work, time to see if its progressed, changed, […]

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KiG 04

This coming Monday, October 28th, 5:30pm, at RMIT city campus. Several participants promised work in progress so we’ll see. And more lively discussion about networked poetics and nonfiction, time based media. And that about sums up all the activity on this blog for a while (end of semester, honours students in heightened anxiety, graduate research […]

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KiG 03 Après

Small turn out last night, me, Ed Armstrong (making a Korsakow film about place for honours), Paul Ritchard (making some Korsakow ‘probes’ around place as part of a larger documentary project about the Snowy River), and Hannah Brasier, who’s just started a PhD with me around interactive essay films, who showed one of her honours […]

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KIG 01

In the process discussing clip lives, dead ends, the importance of repetition, the way a good Korsakow film can be conceived of (conceptualised) as musical, and the choreographing of possibilities for your audience. … What was exciting was that everyone wanted to make work, and that for the next session (Monday, August 26, 5:30pm, RMIT City Campus, building 9, level 2, room 6).

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Korsakow Interest Group

This is just a fancy way of saying that two or more of us will meet of an evening once a month to look at work in progress, have some tech talk, and the like. … While we’re looking at Korsakow the group I think will naturally have a broader remit of interactive documentary online, but we’ll see.

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