Empowerment (Dude or Man or Sister or)

From Mark Bernstein: For export, Tinderbox pretty much expects users to have, or to pick up, the rudiments of HTML. This ought to be straightforward, but it hasn’t been. At this point, it seems to me, knowing the elements of HTML markup is simply part of what we expect every educated person to know. Everyone […]

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Rhythm, Repetition

In linear media literal repetition is a vice. Alliteration, sometimes, is OK. Motifs, which is a fancy way of saying repeating something but a little differently, is also essential. But the same sentence in a novel (at least without quotation marks around it), the same shot or sequence in a film, a repeated sentence in […]

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Mail Pilot Public Beta

Mail Pilot is something I backed on Kickstarter. There’s some iOS clients, and now a desktop client just gone public beta. They originally outlined a way to do email that Mailbox also uses. Mailbox I think stole an early march with their very slick iOS client, but I’ve been beta testing through 7 early versions […]

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Documentary and Systems

Hot off the new documentary list. Jeni Thornley on September 24 wrote: “Sure the digital turn beckons in the era of the active co-creator-maker of the text, as Gaudenzi’s four interactive modes indicates, but a sentence like this seems quite a sweeping statement: “….to move documentary studies from its obsession with representation to a wider […]

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Current Toolbox

Current go to toolbox, for my laptop: Papers Scrivener Tinderbox Zotero Ecto Chrome Airmail Photoshop Snapz pro iCal QuickTime 7 Pro Compressor BBedit Coda Flux iTunes iPhoto Evernote RocketDocs MAMP Transmit Feedly (well, OK, it’s a service) Time Machine Arq

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It is All About Uncertainty

This uncertainty is any, or all of: my relation to what I make my relation to my audience what I make’s relation to the audience what I make’s relation to its parts my audience’s relation to the parts of what I make and whether my audience are users or an audience All of these can be completely controlled, completely open, or (as is normally the case) somewhere in between. … Our answers vary, but how these are answered largely defines the sort of interactive work you can and will make.

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Affective Assemblages: Documentary Practice

My slides from the 2012 Visible Evidence conference held in Canberra in December. Arguing that network specific ‘aggregators’ such as Cowbird are documentaries, that such systems revolve around or respond to indeterminacy in particular ways and are therefore affective assemblages (affect engines) in the sense of affect provided by Deleuze in Cinema One.

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March 3, 2009. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/tomserviceblog/2009/mar/02/classical-music-great-orchestral-debate) Today’s Age has a story about Barry Palmer ( Hunters and Collectors guitarist, oh, that’s my middle age talking, isn’t it?) … If you wanted to watch your favourite show you had to be in front of a TV set at the time it was on.

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