Network Literacy

Empowerment (Dude or Man or Sister or)

From Mark Bernstein: For export, Tinderbox pretty much expects users to have, or to pick up, the rudiments of HTML. This ought

Rhythm, Repetition

In linear media literal repetition is a vice. Alliteration, sometimes, is OK. Motifs, which is a fancy way of saying repeating

Mail Pilot Public Beta

Mail Pilot is something I backed on Kickstarter. There’s some iOS clients, and now a desktop client just gone public bet

Documentary and Systems

Hot off the new documentary list. Jeni Thornley on September 24 wrote: “Sure the digital turn beckons in the era of the

Current Toolbox

Current go to toolbox, for my laptop: Papers Scrivener Tinderbox Zotero Ecto Chrome Airmail Photoshop Snapz pro iCal QuickTime

It is All About Uncertainty

This uncertainty is any, or all of: my relation to what I make my relation to my audience what I make's relation to the au

Affective Assemblages: Documentary Practice

My slides from the 2012 Visible Evidence conference held in Canberra in December. Arguing that network specific 'aggregators

Digital Materiality

The slides I used at this year's Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association conference. Basically argui


March 3, 2009. Today's A

Becoming a Node

Friction free from me to them. ... Spreadable , in an app.

Social Video? No, But Nice Sideways Step

One of the dilemmas that a genuinely social video system or platform has struggled with is how to deal with what I described t

New Documentary

Several Australian colleagues and I had a quick chat at Visible Evidence in Canberra last December (the site's already disappe