network practices

WOOT. WOOt. WOot. Woot. woot.

For the first time since I have had an email account (perhaps 1993?) I have inbox zero. I thought this would feel like, what?

The Encyclopedia of B-Westerns – A three-volume set from the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

Interesting email inviting contributors for contributors to write short pieces on B Westerns. A blog has been set up that list

Poetics of Networked Video

Abstract for an essay that is underway: Much writing on online video uses a media and cinema studies tradition that relies upo

Academic Writing, Open Publishing

Straight off the email. Be good. Can’t go, other deadlines but would’ve liked to have had the opportunity. Interes


Chris Caines‘ new media publishing project out of UTS is live, up and running, and has its first title (congratulations

D Passage

Minh-ha new book which is supposed to be about the impact of the digital on cinema, and everything. Duke Uni Press .

It is All About Uncertainty

This uncertainty is any, or all of: my relation to what I make my relation to my audience what I make's relation to the au

The Gay Indifference of Technical Media

This constrained task is used to create a particular suite of patterns that the project makes literal, constituting the intent

Affective Assemblages: Documentary Practice

My slides from the 2012 Visible Evidence conference held in Canberra in December. Arguing that network specific 'aggregators

Digital Materiality

The slides I used at this year's Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association conference. Basically argui

Gallery – Virtual Archives, Draft 2

Gallery: Third Draft, Interactive Documentary and Affective Ecologies