Interactive Documentary and Digital Poetics version 0.4

In Australia the peak research funding body is the Australian Research Council (the ARC). Getting ARC money is a big deal. Highly competitive and as they always tell you, the money runs out well before the good projects. For most academics this is the royal road in Australia to fame and fortune. A simple indication […]

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Affective Slowness and Robert Croma

It uses Deleuze’s movement image (Cinema One, passim) as a concept relevant to a specifically online and digital practice, with attention paid to the role of affect as an ‘interruption’ within the cinema of the movement image to produce varying economies of the ‘slow’. The implications and possibilities of this will be expanded upon, including a preliminary outline of how this work provides a template for an object orientated digital practice.

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I have got here from a very applied theoretical practice located within (what is now being called) the digital humanities where thought, ideas, and media are all material things with their own demands, voices, requirements and forces.

…Personally I conceive of the ‘post humanities’ as an evolution of humanism (as odd as that may sound) as it continues to privilege reason, though with what can be thought of as an ecological turn where we are not understood as stewards or the origin for or of the things in the world.

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Affect Images, Interactivity and Documentary Relations

In relation to interactive works we can see that they require the perception of the work (the interface, the content) then insist upon an action to proceed (generally literally realised as a motor action such as a click, a press, or swipe), and that the distance between these moments of perception and action becomes a zone of indetermination. … The craft of documentary in these contexts shifts from determining a particular and fixed passage through the material (the traditional linear film realised via editing) to providing for the possibility for users to ‘co-edit’ their own pathways where such paths need to reflect and express those patterns that lie as possibilities through the original material.

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