A networked voice: speculative transformations of essayistic subjectivity in online environments: Studies in Documentary Film: Vol 11, No 1

From a current PhD candidate I am supervising: “This paper considers the forming of an essayistic voice in an online int

Practice-based Design Research: Laurene Vaughan: Bloomsbury Academic

Colleague and friend Laurene Vaughan has edited this collection Looks an interesting and useful read: “Practice-Based De

Article: Entanglements of Evidence in the Turn Against Critique

Too much, too much, too much. “Over the past decade, a range of theorists have argued that critique, in its rigid pursui

Ideas are of course things

I self identify to some extent on the ASD spectrum so that what Smiljana describes as Manning’s description of autistic expe


When you are taciturn, economical with movement and words, a small gesture toward another becomes a deep note of significant r

European Political Science Review – Pathways to practice: praxiography and international politics – Cambridge Journals Online

From the introduction (and intrigued by ‘praxiography’): Political scientists have started to focus on ‘practice

Being Observed

Franziska Weidle is a PhD candidate in anthropology from Göttingen who is doing field work on Korsakow. We, it turns out, are

Errors 101

I’m currently on research leave. This isn’t a sabbatical. We don’t do sabbaticals. Research leave is competi

Endings (part one)

Softcopy is a material change to writing, perhaps the most significant material change to writing since the rise of popular li

Sightlines, Filmmaking in the Academy

Conference here at RMIT in November. All about filmmaking as a form of academic research. Details available:

Korsakow Workshop – Newcastle

I’m running a Korsakow workshop as part of the Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association annual co

Korsakow, Field Notes

These are notes from my teaching in 2011, and are the various strategies and things I’ve learned through using Korsakow