Ideas are of course things

I self identify to some extent on the ASD spectrum so that what Smiljana describes as Manning’s description of autistic experience is how I experience ideas in conversations. They are things as rich and vibrant and interconnected as the trees/fungi community that David talked about. As ideas they aren’t single things but multi faceted assemblages […]

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European Political Science Review – Pathways to practice: praxiography and international politics – Cambridge Journals Online

From the introduction (and intrigued by ‘praxiography’): Political scientists have started to focus on ‘practice’ as the smallest unit of analysis. Following a broader turn in the social sciences, the practice focus provides multiple advantages, including better conceptualizations of short-term social change, getting closer to the everyday activities of those speaking, writing and doing politics, […]

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Being Observed

Franziska Weidle is a PhD candidate in anthropology from Göttingen who is doing field work on Korsakow. We, it turns out, are the field. She’s a great addition to the non/fictionLab and documentary group, participating in seminars, workshops, supervision and so on. She’s started a blog for her field work on Korsakow.

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Errors 101

I’m currently on research leave. This isn’t a sabbatical. We don’t do sabbaticals. Research leave is competitive so I had to make an outcomes based case for why I was deserving. I have to produce quite a lot of outcomes — the process is akin to a silent auction. The error I have made is […]

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Endings (part one)

Softcopy is a material change to writing, perhaps the most significant material change to writing since the rise of popular literacy and the printing press in western Europe. The specificity of this change matters, for what I’m particularly interested in is the implications of this for writing largely because for humanities academic research it is […]

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Korsakow Workshop – Newcastle

I’m running a Korsakow workshop as part of the Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association annual conference. It’s in Newcastle this year. If you’re at all interested in seeing the software, and you’re attending, please come along. There’s a bunch of us also presenting papers at an interactive documentary panel during the conference too.

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Korsakow, Field Notes

These are notes from my teaching in 2011, and are the various strategies and things I’ve learned through using Korsakow that make using the program simpler, or at least easier. They are a mix of tech and conceptual things. Am dusting them off for the new subject and realised worth reprising here. Dense nodes. One […]

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Affective Knowing and Documentary

Hannah Brasier has started her PhD, and I’m very happily one of her supervisors. Late last year she successfully completed her PhD confirmation, and she’s put her slides and some excellent notes on her blog. Towards Affective Knowing in the Diary Film and Interactive Documentary.

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