Sketch Films

Sharing is caring. (btw, currently Mel is the clear leader in the “can I ask a question” competition.) … I’d also take this into the first K-film – give it a name (and where would the viewer see or know that your work had a title?).

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Pipes and Cones

Personally I think the Barthes’ essay is highly focussed, it is how many words about one idea with two terms ‘work’, and ‘text’, how much more focus do you think might be needed? … Jenny has some notes from the ‘ask Roland’ lecture (I have the notes which I’m hoping to put online), however her observation that: In order to do so [understand], I don’t just need to write down notes.

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Tacitness And Embodied Knowing

(This really is an artificial distinction, all our learning is by doing, it is just that writing and reading have become reified as abstract, non making activities compared to, say, making a film, but we all learn to write by making, ie by writing, and when you are very good at writing, either academic or creative, you are always making in your writing.) … One of the things that often frustrates me in a subject like this (where I lose my patience) is that you can only learn how to make video and sound works and get them online, and so on, by doing it.

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What is it to Make?

When you play like this, which is another way of thinking about sketching, doodling, letting things happen of themselves, what is important is setting up the conditions to let this happen. … One of the things we are playing or experimenting with as an a collateral outcome in this subject (something that happens as a consequence of how we do things but not something assessed, explicit or essential) is developing some practices, methods, patterns, ways of working, that are playful so that things can be let to happen, more or less by themselves, then we look at what has happened and make with that.

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The Same and the Different

This is part of the value of all working to the same brief , it makes immediately visible differences in and of themselves (what was filmed, how, etc). And inspite of some fears, turns out there is a lot of difference even in something as simple as filming round things in your home.

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