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Research Methods and interactive documentary

This looks like a fantastic event: Workshop // Interactive Documentary as Research Method Bremen (Germany) – 03.05.2017 This

Aesthetic matters: writing and Cultural Studies: Cultural Studies: Vol 0, No 0

What would it mean to treat Cultural Studies as a project that has had amongst its accomplishments the production of new forms

Entangled Media Histories: The value of Transnational and Transmedial Approaches in Media Historiography

The transnational and transmedial dimensions of media and communication throughout history have not always been adequately rec

Studies in Material Thinking

Transversal Practices focuses on how art, subjects, collectives, politics and thinking are in the making; how they take-form a

Practice-based Design Research: Laurene Vaughan: Bloomsbury Academic

Colleague and friend Laurene Vaughan has edited this collection Looks an interesting and useful read: “Practice-Based De

Article: Entanglements of Evidence in the Turn Against Critique

Too much, too much, too much. “Over the past decade, a range of theorists have argued that critique, in its rigid pursui

Building a concept map with Tinderbox — Dominique Renauld

Nice screenshots about using Eastgate’s Tinderbox for concept maps. With useful dot-points-as-sentences on how to make a

The spectator in the film-maker: re-framing filmology through creative film-making practices: Journal of Media Practice: Vol 0, No 0

The relationship between film-makers who create and spectators who judge film is the focal point of this paper. It examines th

Syncing Scrivener for IOS

Useful reminder of how to sync desktop and iOS Scrivener. (Simple via dropbox/Apps/Scrivener….) from Delicious: http://i

Rees Quilford TEXT Vol 20 No 2

PhD student of mine, Rees Quilford. Reflective piece. from Delicious:

(1) Feminist Data Visualization | Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein –

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