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Fourchettes / Bending the Rules: Developing an Agenda for Feminist Digital Research Methods

Out of AoIR 2016 comes this interesting snippet (via Mél Hogan): Fourchettes / Bending the Rules: Developing an Agenda for Fe

Musings After a Meeting (on praxis)

Adopting the term praxis based pedagogy rather than practice based pedagogy is an excellent idea. It has less baggage and prio

The Encyclopedia of B-Westerns – A three-volume set from the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

Interesting email inviting contributors for contributors to write short pieces on B Westerns. A blog has been set up that list

Videographic cfp

CFP: Videographic Approaches to World Cinema and Transnational Circulation Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Ch

Near Enough is the Measure

As part of my current research leave I have committed to completing an application to the Australian Research Council for a Di

Knowledge Claims and Research

In Creative Arts Research (CAR), which should not be about how artist’s do research (everyone does research, including m

Desert Island, Robinson Crusoe, or Wallflower?

I feel like I am an academic without portfolio. Not sure where I belong, if anywhere, and so scattered thinly here and there w

i-Doc 2014 Conference

This is complete reprint for an email announcement, just helping to get it out there. We’ve received a lot of requests f

Abstracts are, Well, Abstract

I realise that near enough will be good enough for the abstract, but also that as some connections come to be formed that I ne

Peer Review, Nonfiction, Video

In addition, there are numerous, robust and accepted ways in which creative practice is validated and recognised, through exhi

Industrial Video and Professionalisation

Draft extract from a brief essay I'm writing to accompany the publication of a collaborative mixed media iBook I've worked on:

Caffeine and Writing