Musings After a Meeting (on praxis)

Adopting the term praxis based pedagogy rather than practice based pedagogy is an excellent idea. It has less baggage and prior ownership than ‘practice-based’ in its various iterations. Undergraduate, many postgraduate, and some staff confuse the relation of theory and practice. This happens even where they insist that theory and practice are always entangled each […]

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Videographic cfp

CFP: Videographic Approaches to World Cinema and Transnational Circulation Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Chicago, March 22-26, 2017 This panel seeks works of videographic criticism (or papers that address methodological and/or theoretical questions about this [new] form of scholarship) that look beyond the “text itself” to explore broader industrial questions about the processes […]

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Near Enough is the Measure

As part of my current research leave I have committed to completing an application to the Australian Research Council for a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). They are prestigious, valuable, and now rarer than hen’s teeth. As I try to write a project, which revolves around creating what I hope will become computational or […]

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Knowledge Claims and Research

In Creative Arts Research (CAR), which should not be about how artist’s do research (everyone does research, including my eight year old daughter into her Smiggle purchases), but about how creative practice becomes academic research, that is research recognised as research within universities. There are a couple of things to get your head around here. […]

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i-Doc 2014 Conference

This is complete reprint for an email announcement, just helping to get it out there. We’ve received a lot of requests for an extension to the call – so by popular demand it’s now official. The new deadline for submissions to i-Docs 2014 is Monday, November 25th. ** i-Docs 2014 Call For Participation ** Following […]

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Abstracts are, Well, Abstract

I realise that near enough will be good enough for the abstract, but also that as some connections come to be formed that I need to hang on to them, because when I come to write this essay, which might not begin for another month or so, these nascent connections will be lost if I don’t add some flesh to them. This is another of the ways in which it is difficult, as I just tootled out a couple of hundred words of possibly interesting thinking out aloud writing as I recognised the sort of speculative idea that really matters in the essay.

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Peer Review, Nonfiction, Video

In addition, there are numerous, robust and accepted ways in which creative practice is validated and recognised, through exhibition and curatorial economies and the like, so that specific system of evaluation and value does not need to be remade in the university context, though more importantly this economy does not have to be about the production or value of knowledge – I can make art that makes knowledge claims that meet the above criteria, but this is not what makes it art, and so similarly I can make art that makes no such knowledge claims.

… The key points are that this is about research, not creative practice, and so with work that likes to consider itself as research it is the creation of knowledge that qualifies it as research.

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