Why Blog for Documentary?

Sounds like that bumper sticker about fighting for war. After the OzDox panel the other night, and being a guest at Mediamatic and IDFA in Amsterdam, I realised that I don’t think a very clear discussion, or case, had been made for why you might have a blog if you were a documentary practitioner (as […]

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Time and Tag Clouds

This project has developed some text parsing software that generates tag clouds of key words of US presidential speeches. What is very interesting about it is that there is a timeline so you can see changes in time. This temporal dimension is generally lacking from a lot of mashups, though I don’t know why. I […]

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That Moment Might Do

This long post refers to a draft experimental interactive text movie, 40MB at moment to download and play locally (url will be available shortly). The post is published since there is a link from inside the text movie to here… A post on method. I often find myself needing to write them to contextualise the […]

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I received this via email recently: The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is pleased to announce its new Digital Innovation Fellowship program, in support of digitally based research projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. These fellowships, created with the generous help of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, are intended to support an […]

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Peer Review, Academic Labor, and Publishing

Picking up from many of the discussions about academic publishing that have occurred in the sciences, I recently made this suggestion on the (primarily) Australian Fibreculture email list: Imagine a database which publishes peer reviewed work via http. The system is designed to offer structured feedback and mentoring not only of those receiving reviews, but […]

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