Bibliography for The Threshold Concept in learning and teaching

Over the past decade this concept has been embraced by many disciplines outside economics; indeed the above quote is from Glynis Cousin’s excellent short introduction to the concept written for earth scientists. The threshold concept has been seen as a valuable tool, not only in facilitating students’ understanding of their subject, but in aiding the […]

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3D3 Research | The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training

If you’re UK citizen (you’ll need to read the fine print to see if these extend to EU citizens – for now anyway) then these are very excellent PhD scholarships. They are attached to three universities, and I’m noting it here since one of them is UWE (who I’m currently trying to negotiate a PhD […]

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Good Research Is

Good research was considered to be a situated contextual practice that involves negotiating ambiguity, complexity, and disorder through the bringing to bear of theories as methods of doing upon these complex, disordered ambiguities. This avoids making any arbitrary distinction between practice based or creative research and whatever that is supposed to be in contrast to. […]

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Scholarships for PhDs

RMIT have a variety of significant competitive scholarships available for outstanding Phd applicants. There are scholarships for Australian (and New Zealand) citizens and the rest of the world. To be eligible you need a Masters, or a four year undergraduate degree, or equivalent. If you think you’re eligible, interested, are an outstanding applicant, and would […]

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Being Observed

Franziska Weidle is a PhD candidate in anthropology from Göttingen who is doing field work on Korsakow. We, it turns out, are the field. She’s a great addition to the non/fictionLab and documentary group, participating in seminars, workshops, supervision and so on. She’s started a blog for her field work on Korsakow.

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Near Enough is the Measure

As part of my current research leave I have committed to completing an application to the Australian Research Council for a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). They are prestigious, valuable, and now rarer than hen’s teeth. As I try to write a project, which revolves around creating what I hope will become computational or […]

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Endings (part one)

Softcopy is a material change to writing, perhaps the most significant material change to writing since the rise of popular literacy and the printing press in western Europe. The specificity of this change matters, for what I’m particularly interested in is the implications of this for writing largely because for humanities academic research it is […]

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Poetics of Networked Video

Abstract for an essay that is underway: Much writing on online video uses a media and cinema studies tradition that relies upon a tripartite separation of critical theoretical frameworks that considers either audiences, institutions, or the texts themselves. In the specific case of critical writing on online video these three broad models have remained largely […]

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Stuttering Video

From an abstract I am currently working on: This essay will develop a series of improvisational propositions for a preliminary poetics of online video. It begins from Deleuze’s concept of the ‘minor’. The minor will be understood as something that makes a major language ‘stutter’, and so is both a stuttering media in itself, and […]

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