Pim and Preening

Last time I tried this it wouldn’t, I thought because the server that it has to authenticate against has gone, but I was able to update it and I’ve definitely been running it more than a month and I seem to be able to export, save, and so on. … One is where fictional stories or fragments are overlayed on place, and the other is where it is used for game play in that augmented world sort of model – the sort of work that Christy Dena theorises well.

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Artefact, Ambience, Abstraction

This is another rhizome movie that is partly to illustrate the use of the templates, but also to just play a bit with some material. This is the same footage as the other recent rhizome movies have used, but I have compressed the crap out of it. Took the original, exported it to half its […]

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Two Trains Travelling To and Fro

This is another lumiere rhizome. One was shot while travelling from Paris to Brussels on the TGV while the other is the return journey a few days later. I really like travelling on trains. Much more room than on planes (well, I guess I might not think that if I travelled first class, but like […]

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Return of the Rhizome

A few years ago I made some rhizome templates. I’ve now written an academic essay (coming out in a journal soon) about them, and I’ve also decided to rebuild the templates. The original ones had some bugs, and were also designed for 160 x 120 videos. I’ve now made them bigger – what with increases […]

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Rhizome Six

Well, if you click the poster movie below you’ll pretty quickly see that this is demo mode only. This rhizome movie plays one movie continuously (looping) in the left pane, and if you click on this video then it loads another video into the right video pane. The right video pane can support five videos. […]

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Soundtrack Here and There

Kristian Nilsson has used a rhizome movie to make Soundtrack Here and There. It is (legal – up to a point) footage from a The Soundtrack of Our Lives gig in Malmö, this is loaded into the right video pane, while the video in the left pane is actually Chuck Olsen’s (pirate) footage of a […]

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Where Does a Rhizome Go?

Kate has made progress in the rhizome movie problem. The problem, at its simplest, is what on earth to do with them. It is all very well to suggest ‘malleable’ and ‘quotidian’ media, quite another to work out how you want to use it so that it is yours.

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Rhizome Movies 1 to 5

Well, after making five rhizome movie templates I thought it would be useful to just write a blog post that collates them into the one location. This is it. For each template there is a readme.txt file, which is a set of simple instructions. You need to edit the xml file so they point to […]

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