Return of the Rhizome

A few years ago I made some rhizome templates. I’ve now written an academic essay (coming out in a journal soon) about them, and I’ve also decided to rebuild the templates. The original ones had some bugs, and were also designed for 160 x 120 videos. I’ve now made them bigger – what with increases […]

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Rhizome Six

Well, if you click the poster movie below you’ll pretty quickly see that this is demo mode only. This rhizome movie plays one movie continuously (looping) in the left pane, and if you click on this video then it loads another video into the right video pane. The right video pane can support five videos. […]

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Rhizome Movies 1 to 5

Well, after making five rhizome movie templates I thought it would be useful to just write a blog post that collates them into the one location. This is it. For each template there is a readme.txt file, which is a set of simple instructions. You need to edit the xml file so they point to […]

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Rhizome 5

Rhizome 5 is a template for a lightweight interactive movie. As with all the other rhizome movies, you can download it and use it to display your own content. This one is a minor variation on rhizome 4, so that instead of slowing down the video as you mouse into it, it speeds it up. […]

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Rhizome 4.0

Well, continuing the recent flurry of rhizome movie templates here’s number 4. This one: has three child tracks, made up of two video and one sound track mousing into either video mutes the other video, so if you want all to have sound, go for it (but you can’t mute the independent soundtrack) mousing into […]

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Rhizome Movie 3.0

This rhizome movie repeats the same one that Andreas recently made. The only reason I have done one as well is to keep the series going for my own sake – when it comes to making scripted content I think I am dully literal and it is a very iterative design-come-writing practice. I build one, […]

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Rhizome 2.0

Just as with the earlier rhizome movie, this rhizome movie is something you can install and use yourself. It is more domesticated (tamer?) than rhizome 1, as here two controllers are provided (nothing fancy, just used the automatic ones that LiveStage Pro autobuilds for you) that lets the user control each of the child movies. […]

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Rhizome 1.2

I’ve spruced up the first rhizome movie template so that now it reads its associated XML file. It operates in exactly the same way as the earlier rhizome movie, the difference is that by entering the appropriate pathway into the associated XML file you can load a movie into each child track of any name. […]

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