Did I?

Adrian finished the conversation by proposing that Seb’s trajectory provides a proposition for expanded documentary: What is really interesting across the history that Seb has described is this movement from what I think of as an artefact centred practice towards an experience orientated practice…Documentary is still very much artefact driven, even though it has social […]

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novelling is a recombinant digital novel that employs text, video and sound. It poses questions about the acts of reading and writing fiction, and inhabits the liminal space between the two activities. The work is a generative system that algorithmically orders and spatially arranges fragments of media (design elements, text, video and sound) in 6-minute […]

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Shit, December

My PhD student Hannah Brasier has uploaded “Negotiating Mess: Towards a Multilinear Engagement with Complexity in Interactive Documentary” to academia.edu. From a current research proposal of mine: This project aims to create a new framework to theorise and understand interactive documentary by using theories from critical digital humanities. This framework will expand our conception of […]

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Slide Four

An extract from the talk on Ambience, Affect, Autodocumentary I’m contributing to Monday’s interactive documentary symposium. In relation to interactive media I think Deleuze’s cinema philosophy is the most elegant account of interactivity available. In its simplest model we can understand that in an interactive documentary there is an interface that requires a user to […]

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Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfiction and Lists

This semester in our media undergraduate program I’m running a 12 week studio entitled Documentary Ontography: aka Nonfiction and Lists. (I’m riffing off Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology a lot at the moment.) I’m intending the studio to be problem based, come action learning, which will freak me and the students out till we get the […]

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Softvideo: A Mereological Memoir

I’m trying to write a book. My working title is Softvideo: A Mereological Memoir. So far I seem to have spent a lot of words writing vaguely about methodology, and asides that mix anecdote, personal history and a muddled showing off. I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say, and at the moment rather […]

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Endings (part one)

Softcopy is a material change to writing, perhaps the most significant material change to writing since the rise of popular literacy and the printing press in western Europe. The specificity of this change matters, for what I’m particularly interested in is the implications of this for writing largely because for humanities academic research it is […]

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Poetics of Networked Video

Abstract for an essay that is underway: Much writing on online video uses a media and cinema studies tradition that relies upon a tripartite separation of critical theoretical frameworks that considers either audiences, institutions, or the texts themselves. In the specific case of critical writing on online video these three broad models have remained largely […]

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