Bibliography for The Threshold Concept in learning and teaching

Over the past decade this concept has been embraced by many disciplines outside economics; indeed the above quote is from Glyn

Graduate Class in Toronto

I’ve been invited by the inestimable Seth Feldman (York) to work with his graduate students one morning before this year

carpe diem?

I guess, because of my age and that I’m an academic so I default to thinking education matters, I’m bemused by man

Teaching Honours

Yesterday I had my media objects lab, first session of the year. Caught the train after taking ms 7 y.o. to school, all good.

Social Media and Doco

Seth Keen has just completed a second year undergraduate subject that looked at how social media could be used to make an inte

Sessional Teaching, Interactive Video Subject

This subject has students using their available resources (i.e. smart phones) to record brief videos. ... You should be famil

Affective Media

From Hannah Brasier , an honours student I am supervising (we're working in Korsakow): How do I conceive of and make a slow


It is obvious that while these services may address the content issue, they are going to struggle with the epistemological and

Participation in the subject

because we want participation to be a diverse range of things relevant to the student and only they know if they have done th

Just a Riff (Teaching Your Elites)

Most of my peers, as with most of my students, don't get 'theory' in the way we academics do, but we teach it as if they shoul

A New Semester Is Upon Us

So, next week teaching starts. I am program director for the honours program, and do a lot of teaching into that, but the main

Honours 2010

This years students have submitted, the work is out for examination, now we wait.... ... This is what was created: Anth