13 hidden iPad features | Technology | The Guardian

From The Guardian comes a list of tips for iOS. I didn’t know about 1, 5, 8, 10. Just a brief geek moment. Apple’s tablet has a host of easy-to-miss tricks, many of which work on the iPhone too. We take a tour… Source: Under the hood: discover 13 hidden iPad features | Technology | […]

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Amazon Drive: Cloud Storage – Online Backup

I currently use Arq to do a backup of key data and I store it to Amazon S3. It costs me around AUD5 a month to keep 25GB of data there, with automatically hourly updates. Amazon are now offering a flat USD100 per year for unlimited storage on the Amazon Drive product. Unlimited. It’s very […]

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Manything, Video, Riffing

So I can use Manything on my iOS devices to let one be a camera and the other be the viewer. Motion detection, and so on. Immediate first use? Ms 8 yo is into spy gadgets, this is perfect. (What is she learning?, um, cue music.) What would be really interesting would be trying to […]

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Digital Reading

What does it tell us about our tools where we have to wait for scribbles to be defined and scripted as styles to be able to use them? … And I just dropped in 10 pdfs that I’ve downloaded from a journal and it seems to have automagically auto accurately extracted the bibliographic metadata.

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Qwiki , (there’s a video demo ) which used to be a web service, has reinvented itself as an iOS app. … They are the video version of the templates that Microsoft Word includes for letters, or business cards, and the like.

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Vine and Lightt (a poetics of the sublime ordinary)

If you touch “next” each of the ten shot sequences is shown in a timeline and you can edit, which only consists of removing an entire ten shot sequence, and if you touch through this you then get to add caption, hashtags, location information and what services you want to distribute to.

…In addition as far as I can tell, to date what others may like or comment about your clips which is available via the app does appear web side… Vine’s strength is that touching the screen to shot, and lifting your finger to pause, is a surprisingly nice way to film.

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