Glif – Studio Neat

Glif remains one of the best holders for attaching your phone to a tripod. This new one is looking very spiffy indeed. from De

Syncing Scrivener for IOS

Useful reminder of how to sync desktop and iOS Scrivener. (Simple via dropbox/Apps/Scrivener….) from Delicious: http://i

Media Stuff onto your iOS Device

Waltr 2 is seriously elegant. All your iOS devices can appear and you just drag and drop media files onto your device and they

Current Toolbox

Current main toolbox – most of these would all be open at any one time (add iCal, a browser, Omnifocus – project,

Decoding Publics: A Review of Digital Media Analytics Tools

Report that analyses fifteen digital analytics tools. The sorts of things that let you work with social media in interesting w

nvALT 2.2

Briefly, a releae of nvALT so it runs with Sierra. If you read the blog post that I link to there is also good news that devel

Interactive Video-Making Tools | Resources | For Filmmakers | POV | PBS

Good list of tools to make interactive documentary and video. from Delicious:

13 hidden iPad features | Technology | The Guardian

From The Guardian comes a list of tips for iOS. I didn’t know about 1, 5, 8, 10. Just a brief geek moment. Apple’s tab

Amazon Drive: Cloud Storage – Online Backup

I currently use Arq to do a backup of key data and I store it to Amazon S3. It costs me around AUD5 a month to keep 25GB of da

Manything, Video, Riffing

So I can use Manything on my iOS devices to let one be a camera and the other be the viewer. Motion detection, and so on. Imme


About to try this, montaj . Film some clips, shake the phone, it does the edit.

Digital Reading

What does it tell us about our tools where we have to wait for scribbles to be defined and scripted as styles to be able to us