Field Notes?

Bristol town hall has a gold unicorn on top.


This is the first day my head is not in fog. Ordering a macchiato is safer. Near a river is a joy, a city on a river (a workin

A Certain Loneliness

I still find travel strangely affective. I fly across half the world with the hardest part of the exercise always the queueing

DRHA First Taste

Sunday morning, 9am kick off and I did a workshop on RDF and marking up literary works. Used the Brat Rapid Annotation Tool wi


Encamped with a small group of colleagues from the nonfictionLab, we have spent the first day presenting creative nonfiction w


Dopplr is a social site that lets you share your travel with others and it works out your carbon footprint. I’m not sure what it means to see that someone else is travelling, though I guess if you see people travelling at the same time to the same place, or who have gone to somewhere you’re new to, that could be handy. Still, interesting combination of social software, maps, and the green economy.

Ah, from the email after I subscribed:

Dopplr is all about serendipity – meeting up with friends and colleagues on the road or in people’s home cities. So we encourage you to invite travellers you know to join too.


Dopplr gives you email alerts about coincidences in your trusted network. If somebody is coming to your town, or happens to be travelling where you are, you can get an alert in your inbox. Initially we’ll send you weekly alerts; you can change your email settings at

Two Trains Travelling To and Fro

This is another lumiere rhizome. One was shot while travelling from Paris to Brussels on the TGV while the other is the return

Lumiere Eels

Click to Play Sunday in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Sony Ericsson K750i Technorati Tags: lumierevideo

Brussels Non-Place

My second visit to Brussels. I caught the train from Paris, and as someone from a large country (like Canadians, North America

On a Jet Plane…

Got Jim White’s “Transnormal Skiperoo” which came out October one, Jenny Owen Youngs‘ “Batten th

Blogs and Participation

OK, it is that time of the semester, you need to write a blog post that looks at the criteria you established in the first two classes (about participation and your blog) and see how they’re travelling. How would you assess yourself to date against what you said you would do? Is there anything you said you would do that you now realise is irrelevant, or not very important? Something that you now realise is really important and should be in there? These are to be written in your blog and should be done by this Friday please.

The Vacuum of Air Travel

I enjoy travelling. The actual movement of travel, like going for a long drive, or a train trip. I also enjoy visiting other p