Projections is a blog by Jon (sorry, don’t remember how I found a link to this and I can’t find out who Jon is, perhaps a case of an academic blog where if you need to ask then you don’t need to know?) which is about the representation, etc of Latin America in Hollywood and […]

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Ulmer ebook

Nearly typed eBook then, god damned aPple. My neighbours have edited (and contributed to) a fantastic collection dedicated to the work of Greg Ulmer. It is available as a free pdf download (46MB). Illogic of Sense. the Gregory L. Ulmer Remix. It is an academic collection and an artist’s ebook, check it out.

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Leonardo Transactions

From the email announcement: Transactions is a new section in the print journal Leonardo that publishes fully refereed papers in a fast track to disseminating key new results, ideas and developments in practice. Papers are solicited under the stated aims and scope of Leonardo, but are restricted to two pages of published material. A fast […]

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Sarah’s Blog

Just found Sarah Gibson’s blog, as the URL indicates she’s from the the Uni of Technology Sydney (or Sidenknee as we like to say down here, cos we all have chips on our shoulders about Sydney), which is sort of a sister institution to RMIT where I am rumoured to be gainfully employed. Sarah lectures […]

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That Four Sentence Abstract

I got the labsome students to use the four sentence abstract exercise today as a way to focus their thinking. As I was explaining how to do it I described it as: What are you going to do? Why is it worth doing? What are you going to do about it? Why does this matter? […]

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Media Portal Sketch

As the following probably shows, I’m a cobbler (or perhaps it is more like sketching?). So, this media portal I’m wanting to build. Occurred to me that I could: install Loudblog then tag things in subscribe via Loudblog to that tag using the syndication plugin in Loudblog Disadvantages: you need to tag the […]

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Turn Here, Web Video Production House

TurnHere: Free video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events & music is, as the title suggests, a web video production company. They seem to make promotional material and distribute it via their site, or I imagine yours. This is a very traditional model of what used to be called ‘industrial film’, which is what […]

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Yojimbo as Finder Alternative

No, not the Kurosawa film. A utility from Bare Bones. It lets you drag/drop and generally easily get files into it, you can add tags to them, and you can also set them up as collections. It works much like mail, or iTunes or iPhoto. A library which has all, and then collections where you […]

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Digital Arts and Culture 2007

Since the original DAC in 1998, the ongoing Digital Arts and Culture conference series has established itself as one of the more vibrant academic and creative forums for digital doing. (Self interest warning, I chaired MelbourneDAC in 2003.) The next one, in 2007, has partnered with the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) and should […]

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