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Train x 4

This is just trying out a few things, timers in eZedia, the video that comes off my Nokia N95 (it’s a 30fps which is way too high, I think a better option could be to shoot higher res and then compress down) and embedding using the video embed button in TinyMCE in WordPress. The work is shot on a local train platform while waiting for a (late) train. Each is a seperate movie and they all loop. It plays in QuickTime Player because of its size, total data size is around 7MB. I’ve used a Livestage authored poster movie since the QuickTime embed tag and attributes don’t really work with poster images (well they do but it is foolishly complicated as they can’t be jpg or gifs) so just plain vanilla embedding a video that, when clicked, launches the target video in QT Player is the way to go.

Water Hole at ACCA

We went to ACCA today to see Water Hole. The mobile in the later gallery was mesmerising in a Schwitters come Merz sort of way. The work is by two Swiss artists, Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger. This is some of the video that I shot on my phone, one is the mobile (where you lay on a bench under it, gazing up). The other a series of shots of the shadows that the mobile made.

Click the poster movie to launch it in QuickTime Player.

[qt:http://vogmae.net.au/vogs/2009/february/WaterHolePoster.mov 320 240]

GPS Cinema

GPSfilm is an open source system for GPS aware cinema. As their blurb rather nicely says “not a moving picture a picture moving”. Worth reading the about screen since point two:

The movies are also interchangeable and easily matched to any place. By creating this new type of film viewing experience in an open, collaborative way, the artist hopes that both developers and filmmakers will begin to explore the idea even further.

seems to be recognising the importance of granularity for distributed film narratives.