Vogging Practice

QuickTime Got Broke

The problem, as I recently discovered, is that the QuickTime plugin no longer seems to support much of the deep programmatic i

Back to the Future

This is going back to the future because a series of steps and constraints have been reintroduced: if you want to send video

The Vogma Manifesto (2000)

(Original post: December 6, 2000) a vog respects bandwidth a vog is not streaming video (this is not the reinvention of televi


Jason wonders about doodling, sketches and making these little videos. ... These are informal, propositional (they make state


Henry is stuck trying to embed his video, and so some HTML 5 video tag goodness his way ought to come. So two of the best -

About A Year 0.2

As a consequence as I've been experimenting through the first stage of the new K-film project I've realised that nearly all

Student K-Films

However, on the whole given this was their first use of the system, and we had a twelve week semester, they have achieved a gr


I've been very slowly rebuiling and curating my vog work into one place, using some very simple Tinderbox templates. Added

La Descente

That's a student, this must be afternoon, no student leaves for university at the same time as the workers, and that tabloid s

Priviliged Accidents

This allows the capture of accidental moments that have qualities in themselves (as security video sometimes does though usual

Hard Core

Aside from its social commentary function it is an interesting and more mature development in the online news dash documentary

Open Video Conference 2010

This yeas Open Video Conference is calling for proposals . They have a scholarship like scheme in place to help with tra