Vogging Theory

More Insecurities

My regular and committed correspondent Jeni Thornley, left me this comment the other day (in relation to a post on documentary

Some Korsakow Sculpting

Was a beautiful day Saturday. Mid 20s, ms 7 y.o. having a sleep over. Ms A. taken over the dining room with all the furniture

Yet More Ways I Get to Feel Old

Just needed to share that in Keynote I added a Vine clip as a background, scaled up to 800 x 800, plays automatically and loop

Tamed Manifestos

So via the videovortex email list arrives news of Videoex, the “Experimental Film and Video Festival Z├╝rich“, lat

New Documentary 02

Over on the new documentary email list we are trying to begin arguing, pulling about, speculating with, and wondering about th

Interactive Documentary and Digital Poetics version 0.4

In Australia the peak research funding body is the Australian Research Council (the ARC). Getting ARC money is a big deal. Hig

Digital Materiality

The slides I used at this year's Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association conference. Basically argui

The First Quarter

Every morning, well, nearly every morning, around about 7am, I film the ridge over the way using Vine on my phone. ... The

New Documentary

Several Australian colleagues and I had a quick chat at Visible Evidence in Canberra last December (the site's already disappe

Tactical Making

It is the time of 'hanging out' where you don't' parcel it out into measurable blocks (even if you said 'let's hang out for 10

no more monuments

These costs can now approach zero with distribution completely broken from the one item at a time broadcast model and consumpt

Softvideo, Relations, Assemblages

Things, whether they are ideas, video sequences, or sentences have an immensity of relations that they are situated within and