About A Year 0.2

As a consequence as I’ve been experimenting through the first stage of the new K-film project I’ve realised that nearly all the material could just be still images, that really interesting things happen when you see, say, 12 images as thumbnails, but if you choose one to view the video not much more happens. … At the moment my method is to view each clip and to write, with the previous clips text visible (as the first clip returned in About a Year is always the next clip in oldest to newest temporal order), something that sort of could flow from the previous clip, but also survives by itself.

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Australian International Experimental Film Festival

Pretty clear set of regulations to enter (but since they use frames I can’t actually provide you with the url, “hello 1997 my old friend”) so there’s experimental film, video and expanded cinema. … So, where’s the international festival, heck, the local festival, for video that doesn’t treat the audience as mere viewers?

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Video Vortex 5

VV05 is on for November 20 and 21 in Brussels this year. … This will be the event where they try to move Video Vortex into a more formal organisation, be good to get to this for this reason alone, but doubt I have the money in the budget, let alone the week of time flying to Europe and back actually requires.

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Some Diptychs

But since they invite you to play and pause them independently of each other, and since they loop, it is possible to suggest that the video itself, what you or I watch, if played with (ie if the speed is manipulated by you) has no determined duration. If we think that the work itself is not just each individual video, but also the possible relations between each of the two videos (what this one shows in relation to what that one shows) and either can be slowed or accelerated then there would seem to be a variable set of possible relations between the two shots.

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Open the finished video Get a screen grab for the poster (using Snapz Pro ) Edit this screen grab down to size in Photoshop for a poster movie Edit this screen grab down to size for an illustrative thumbnail image used the blog template Put this screen grab into LiveStage Pro so that I can make a clickable poster movie Upload the finished video via FTP to my server Upload the poster movie via FTP to my server Log in to my blog Create new entry, title, tags, categories, text, etc Select thumbnail graphic and upload Launch pageot Enter details of the poster movie (url, dimensions, controller and autostart off) Copy and paste code into embed field of the blog template Publish Why don’t I just use a video service such as blip ? … This would cut out getting embed source code in Pageot (though it does need uploading to blip, setting a pile of options, and then getting code – though I guess if i just auto published to the blog from Blip that would make things pretty simple).

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Backend Work

Well, simple because all you need to do is a) upload your thumbnail (or point to its URL), and b) put in URL of the video (from a variety of service or self hosted) with width and height. … Being able to target QuickTime Player through the embed code, without having to write an interactive movie, is good because when you make a movie that is 1600 pixels wide it tends to break in a lot of browsers so just making QuickTime Player actually display it means it will display properly.

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Recent Developments in the Diptych Department

I do want to speed up and slow down the video, but what I was doing was constraining this so that after, say, slowing or speeding it up by a factor of 5 (so 5 x faster or 1/5 of normal) I’d flip the track back to normal playback speed. … This means the effect you get when mousing into either video so that the volume for that track changes will be removed (though in this demo it does create some pretty weird aleatory outcomes).

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