Viddy is a mobile app front end into a socialised web service back end. ... Sort of all I want or need to say about it reall

Slow Cinema Slow Media

Shaun Wilson has created a slow cinema slow media Vimeo group . This is part of the work towards a Slow Cinema symposium

About A Year 0.2

As a consequence as I've been experimenting through the first stage of the new K-film project I've realised that nearly all


I've been very slowly rebuiling and curating my vog work into one place, using some very simple Tinderbox templates. Added

Australian International Experimental Film Festival

Pity about their website but old school DIY is alive and well. The Australian International Experimental Film Festival is up and running. Pretty clear set of regulations to enter (but since they use frames I can’t actually provide you with the url, “hello 1997 my old friend”) so there’s experimental film, video and expanded cinema. Interestingly all will be converted to QuickTime for presentation. So, where’s the international festival, heck, the local festival, for video that doesn’t treat the audience as mere viewers?

Video Vortex 5

VV05 is on for November 20 and 21 in Brussels this year. Hosted by the Cimatics festival. This will be the event where they try to move Video Vortex into a more formal organisation, be good to get to this for this reason alone, but doubt I have the money in the budget, let alone the week of time flying to Europe and back actually requires.

Some Diptychs

But since they invite you to play and pause them independently of each other, and since they loop, it is possible to suggest t


Open the finished video Get a screen grab for the poster (using Snapz Pro ) Edit this screen grab down to size in Photosho

Backend Work

Well, simple because all you need to do is a) upload your thumbnail (or point to its URL), and b) put in URL of the video (fro

Recent Developments in the Diptych Department

I do want to speed up and slow down the video, but what I was doing was constraining this so that after, say, slowing or speed

Coding Development

This though causes problems, since you can speed the film to 5 times normal, then 2 clicks in the slow and the movie is now 1/

Link Movies

It sort of makes sense to stop, since you're being taken somewhere else and once you've gone there you can always return (if i